Smooth Sailing for Captain Joe Kent During Exciting Nashville Trip

Captain Joe Kent performs at Lyrics for Lyric at Pick's Nashville this past February

Louisiana riverboat captain and country songwriter Captain Joe Kent had the time of his musical life during a recent visit to Music City.

During a hectic few days set up by Nashville Music Guide executive editor and TCM Records head Randy Matthews, Captain Joe performed at Pick’s Nashville in the Lyrics For Lyric monthly series; played the next night at Tony Stampley’s Songwriters Night; had several key meetings and a fine photo session; and co-wrote a song with Tony that Stampley has already demoed.

“I have found a whole new family up there in Nashville,” Captain Joe said in a conversation from a Louisiana waterway between New Orleans and Morgan City in mid-March, when it was already almost 80 degrees. “Kymberly, Joe, and Randy Matthews all made me part of the family. So did all of them people at Pick’s, so when I played I couldn’t be really nervous because I was among people that cared about me.”

And when the captain came to Nashville, he brought a boatload of fans from all over to cheer him on. There were Captain Joe friends and fans from the states of Louisiana,  Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri and Georgia. Other folks from Alabama and across the country tuned in to the live Webcast on

“That shows the impact I’ve had across the nation,” Joe says.

The captain had been thinking about this Nashville trip for quite awhile, in many ways almost his whole musical life.

“It didn’t really dawn on me till we pulled up at the Best Western,” he says of arriving on Music Row with wife Denise and daughter Dianna. “We went in to get our room and everything, and the adrenaline started flowing.”

He continues: “I told myself that this is what I was up here for. I got a little nervous at first, because this is my childhood dream, and one that I thought would never be fulfilled.

Joe Kent poses for photo shoot with Bob Coan with New Media Edge

“This is one of the happiest times of my life,” he says.

Captain Joe, after the requisite five or six beers, was a terrific hit at the Lyrics For Lyric show at Pick’s. The next night, Stampley, a Louisiana native himself, invited Joe onstage at Tony’s own writer’s night.

“He called me on stage after only one beer,” Kent says, smiling. “I learned that I will never step on stage without five or six beers.”

Another bud of the captain’s, an Arkansas cowboy named James Adair, is such a fan of all of Captain Joe’s songs that he actually requested one that Kent had not rehearsed for his Nashville shows.

But as always, the captain weathered that musical storm as well, and did his usual superb job.

Meanwhile, Captain Joe also met with Bob Coan of for a photo session.

“The photos came out just awesome, and Bob told me a lot of trade secrets,” Kent says.

Joe also had several key meetings with Randy Matthews. Both are actually opening publishing companies – Randy’s called Oil Trash Music, reflecting his proud Oklahoma roots and great accomplishments in the oil and natural gas businesses; and Joe’s is called Boat Trash Music, which he and the Missouri tunesmith and artist Curtis Lyn Cook will run.

A co-writing session with Tony Stampley yielded a new song called “The Party’s On” which is already being pitched around Music Row.

“It’s an awesome, bad-ass song,” Captain Joe says. “Everybody’s extremely excited about the song, including Tony. It’s already being billed as a hit.”

Stampley and Kent have become fast friends. Both are talkative country boys with strong Louisiana roots, and both are highly creative, passionate types with writers’ souls.

Besides, Joe Kent has dreamt of writing with Tony Stampley for a long, long time. Kent’s greatest musical hero is likely Hank Williams Jr., for whom Tony has written more than a dozen songs. And Bocephus was very close with Merle Kilgore, the country manager and songwriter (Merle co-wrote “Ring Of Fire” with June Carter Cash) who was the only Music Row executive who encouraged Joe Kent early in his songwriting career.

“Everything that Randy Matthews set up for me turned out to be a huge success,” the captain says. “Playing at Pick’s for the Lyrics For Lyric went over well. I was taken well there. And Randy set up that writer’s appointment for me with Tony Stampley.”

Don’t be at all surprised if we hear the results of that dynamic duo at country radio sometime soon.

Another delight for Joe Kent was bringing some of his crew along with him, including pilot Eric Stern, known as Big E. After both returned from Nashville, Big E asked Captain Joe something nobody had ever requested before.

“I want my guitar signed by you,” Big E said.

After happily signing, Joe told Big E, “finally I feel like an official celebrity.”

Captain Joe’s life has changed dramatically since the Nashville Music Guide, thanks to Kym Matthews’s sharp recommendation, first wrote about the captain last fall. His Web presence and fan base have exploded since then. So has his cell phone, now often with requests from other writers wanting to co-write.

“The Nashville Music Guide has opened up all kinds of doors for me,” he says. “Way back when, I thought if I ever made it to Nashville that I would be saying `thank God.’ Now, after 20 some-odd years the apt response would be, ‘it’s about time.’ ”

Patience and hard work have truly paid off for Captain Joe Kent, with huge assists from Randy Matthews and the whole NMG and TCM Records teams.

By Phil Sweetland


  1. I am so proud to also be able to say “I TOLD YOU SO”!!!!! It was so good to watch your facebook family grow by leaps and bounds when we began asking all our friends to send you a request. Then we asked them to tell all the ones who were sending a friend request to do the same with all their friends and right on down the line. I think this was the very support you needed. Tessa and I believed in you so strongly from the git-go. And we were able to convince others of your potential to a point where everyone was wanting to “jump on the bandwagon”. It worked and we are sooooo proud of you, Joe. You will always be our #1 man in country music. Keep up the good work, my friend.l

    • John, Looks like you will be riding shotgun in that Prevost before long after all!! I know you told me so but I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Seems that light just might be a tour bus!! Guess I was waiting on a ship when my tour bus came in!! Hahaha!! I’ve got to decide on a good name for my tour bus!! That degum ‘ole Randy Matthews has the coolest one I know “Honky Tonked All To Hell” that he got from a Tony Stampley song that Hank Jr. made famous!! Anyway, John you have brought me an army of great loyal fans and I appreciate your continued support!! The Nashville Music Guide also brought me a ton of fans when they ran the first article-now it’s only been 3 days since this article’s release and my fans are on a rising tide once again!! I hope you are recovering well my honky-tonk brother and I will be calling you soon!! In the meantime-Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

      • Thanks, my brother. Feels so good to say “I told you” and win. You deserve every second of success that is coming your way my friend. As for the name for the prevost, I think it should go only in the marquis and simply say, JOE KENT.

      • Thanks, my brother. Feels so good to be able to say “I told you so” and WIN. You deserve every second of success that is coming your way my friend. As for the name for the Prevost, I think it should go only in the marquis and simply say, JOE KENT. You deserve that. If you don’t agree, then maybe we can have a contest and pick the best from all entries. The panel of judges should probably include Randy, Kym and Joe Matthews, Tony Stampley, Phil Sweetland, CLC, Chris Caskey Tessa Brantley, and of course you and Neci; and maybe, just maybe I could be a judge. I think the contest would boost your ratings tremendously. However, It really doesn’t matter what the bus is named as long as I’m riding in the shotgun seat. That will give you a lot more time to spend with Neci in the suite at the rear of the bus. And I promise you I will make you proud when you let me sing on the show.
        I think you know how much we love you both, and wish you absolutely nothing but the very best from here on out. Please let us know how we may help in any way.

        Your friends always,

        John & Lois Livingston

  2. such a cool article. you go joe. as you know i will need my usual signed copy. so nice seeing all this coming together for you. sure miss riding with you and big e when he first started out here as a deckhand. miss listening to your music as you tested it on the crew & i. always enjoyed all of it. sure wish i could have made it to nashville to support you. maybe someday i can get there and sit in that FMT wheelhouse chair at Pick’s, as if i don’t sit in one of these things enough. lol . keep it up joe and as a saying goes i heard, “see you at the top of the charts”. matt coen (capt.smiley)

    • Captain Smiley, the only difference with sitting in the wheelhouse chair at Pick’s is that you will have a good stiff drink in front of you and some original live entertainment!! Also you can admire the bar, much of which I have been told was built by Willie Nelson!! There is soooooo much history in Pick’s Nashville!! While you’re there get Wade Johnson, the owner to yell you some of the legendary stories that took place there!! I just had Big Country on the boat with me!! It is so nice to see these young’uns that we took time with years ago become captains themselves!! You and I are creating legacies that will last long after out sea time has come to an end!! It is always a pleasure to here from one of the captains I served under and you know your autographed Nashville Music Guide will soon be in your hands!! Thanks for commenting my Blueblood brother and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  3. Congratulations to you Captain Joe ! Sounds like your time in Nashville was a good one and very successfull. Proud for you and can’t wait to see you at the top of the charts. I am really glad to have become friends with you and I am looking forward to alot of good ol’ country fun. Farm Fest in June will be here before you know it and sounds like it will be a blast, I’ll make sure NOT to miss out on that. Also looking forward to working out the details on the album cover you spoke to me about, alot of good ideas and I’m sure it will be a success too. May all your dreams come true !

    • Miss Bev-Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! You are a newer Captain Jocephus fan as well but you have been a promo powerhouse on Facebook!! I visit your site and see one Captain Jocephus link after another and a little CLC thrown in for good measure!! We appreciate all that you do!! Yes Farm Fest is gonna be a helluva a shindig!! There will be probably close to 1,000 people there and out of all of those I will be sure to reserve a special autographed Nashville Music Guide for you as well as a big ‘ole hug!! I can’t wait to meet you as you have quickly become one of my favorite fans!! I am hoping that CLC will be able to arrange a video for his song I Love Girls to br shot at Farm Fest!! I hope you are a part of the video!! The album cover is a definite and I know you will be a part of that!! I am glad you wanted to be a part of what we are doing your enthusiasm made the decision to add you to the list a no-brainer!! Attention Joe Matthews, I am challenging you and the whole Nashville Music Guide to come join us at Farm Fest!! We would love to get Big Joe on stage for a show and with his excitement and great radio voice it would be a great time to promote the Nashville Music Guide and all it’s sponsors as well as Big Joe’s Big Night Out & Big Joe’s Big Radio show on!! Be there-I double dawg dare you!! Miss Bev, thanks again, I love you sweetheart!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  4. Joe, before we became facebook friends I cannot begin to tell you how much amazing things I was hearing about you. Your name was becoming as familiar to my mind as Jim Beam is to my mouth. When I recieved your friend request, I instantly clicked confirm. I was very humbled that the “Jocephus” that I hear so much about wanted to be my friend. Since then I’ve learned much more about you & now know why so many of the people that I respect & admire, respect & admire you! You are doing amazing things & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for “Jocephus”.

    • Miss Jessi, Now it is my turn to be humbled!! Wow, I could not have paid someone to post a better comment!! Reading what you had to say damn near choked me up a bit!! I am nearly speechless that I have advanced to such a high regard in your book-especially knowing that you are a big Waylon and Haggard fan!! I am adding you to my favorites on Facebook as soon as I finish this reply!! You have really made my day and I will cherish you and keep this comment as one of my favorites from now on!! Hey Nashville Music Guide-should you see an opportunity please consider printing this comment from this wonderful young lady!! I would love to see this grace a page in your wonderful magazine!! Pens up-See you at the top of the charts!!

  5. Captain Joe,I am honored to be your friend and Fan!You really have an amazing story to tell,and i know you are most deserving to be living your dream come true.You are a star at the top of the charts and i look forward to following you and watching you shine! Many Blessings to you and your family

    • Miss Helen, you are one of the latest and greatest of Captain Jocephus’ crew!! As a fan you have already stepped up to the plate and showed me your love and support and I appreciate that tremendously!! I intend to entertain you for many years to come!! Thanks for the great comment!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  6. Way to go little brother. So thrilled you are living out your dreams, and since we go back some 30 odd years now I do remember your boyhood dreams. Can remember you as a boy not 10 yrs old. You have what it takes. Go for it with gusco sweetie. Was so great to have a personal live concert. And so wonderful to see you and Denise again. Take care and see you at the top of the charts. Love ya’ll much

    • Miss Doris, you have always had a kind heart and a gentle soul!! Sometimes you were like another mom to me and sometimes you were a sister to me but you have always remained family to me as well as a great friend!! I love you!! It was great to see you and Sid on my way to Nashville and performing that front porch personal concert for y’all knocked the edge off a bit and added to the confidence I needed for Music Row!! I guess we’ve been through a lot together and it’s great to know that after all these years and over all these miles some things remain constant and you my dear are one of the constants of my life that keeps me grounded!! Pens up my love and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

    • Miss Nona, You were one of my first fans when I got on the Internet and started hanging out on social media networks!! You have been through it all with me and I love you for it!! You have shown me and my wife great kindness and I consider you a personal friend!! You challenged me right from the start to be the best that I could be, I was honored when you asked me to demo your song George on the Jukebox and the portrait your son painted of me is a treasure!! This summer I intend to meet you at Gulf Shores and we’ll hang out at LuLu’s for sure!! As a very wise man once told me, keep on writing them songs and one day you just might write a #1 hit!! Thanks for all the love and support, you are family to me!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  7. Congratulations Capt. Joe sir, may God bless you and your family for your efforts to stay true to Country Music as it should be. Thank you also for believing in my friend Curt and helping his dream come true as well as your own.

    • CLC and I know no other way but to keep it country!! He and I intend to give you the fans what you have been starving for which is real straight from the hip and right through the heart outlaw country!! We are so committed to doing so that we have no idea if we will make money or if it will cost us-but money is not our driving force, the music is our catalyst!! However I do fully believe with the commitment being returned to us by folks like you that we will be successful in all aspects and beyond our wildest dreams!! Thank you for letting us know that you are behind us-We will not disappoint you!! CLC worked 2 days and 2 nights straight with nearly no sleep to ensure that what he has to offer on this new album Just My Luck is not just good but his asolute best!! He and I share that drive that approaches OCD!! When you get that album I guarantee you will be impressed or I will personally give you your money back!! I appreciate your comment and I love having you on board with us!! Pens up-Outlaw up-See you at the top of the charts!!

  8. So happy & proud for you; you deserve it and I have enjoyed watching your story unfold! Love to you & Denice always!! Congrats 🙂

    • Miss Leslie, I guess I’ve known you for about 15 years now and you are just beautiful inside and out!! It means a lot that you are a fan and I appreciate your support!! I’ll never forget the Hank Jr. concert that we all went to-what a wild ass night!! I am excited that the outlaw type country is making a come back and that I am privileged to be a part of it!! The song Tony Stampley and I wrote is being pitched to Hank Jr. I have an opportunity to have my name mentioned and associated with the very heroes that introduced me to the music I so dearly love and have treasured since I was a child!! I can’t ask for anything more than what I have already received!! Thank you for helping make my dreams come true!! We love you too-pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

      • Yes it’s been about that many years 🙂 Thank you, you are to sweet & talented!! I will be praying Hank Jr picks it up!! You deserve all the happiness & success in the world! Love always!

  9. Finally,everyone gets a taste of that REAL music .the kind that can’t be faked;or plotted in a corporate boardroom by Cpt Joe’ s music and feel very fortunate to get to hear him play ’em.congratulations Joe;show em how its done!!!

    • Captain Farrell, it is a feather in my hat that you dig what I do considering your musical talent!! You have made some major waves yourself in your career at FMT!! I am glad I was a part of helping you with that!! I knew that there was a pilot under there somewhere and be damned if we didn’t find him!! Always keep in mind that you only have to stay out of trouble for 6 hours at a time-just keep showing up!! Also when you think you can make remember you know you can slow down or stop!! And always keep Captain Jocephus on speed dial-no matter the time 24/7 365 I am available to talk you through anything that might be getting the best of you!! Miss Neci knows that if that phone rings even at 3 am and it’s one of these young’uns I have helped train that it’s just a part of the commitment I’ve made to y’all!! She well remembers the days when I was “green” and had no one to train me and the nights I was tied in knots!! That was back before all the cell phones-so I was left to my own and I will never let one of mine go through nights like I experienced until I figured this thing out!! So call me if you need me!! Pens up my Blueblood brother-See you at the top of the charts!!

  10. Hey there Captain, I’ll try posting once again..First one didn’t make it..
    The first time I heard you I sent you a comment and told you how much I loved your songs and how unique you were..Guess I was right -on and Thank you for being one of the inspirations for my new song titled “Songwriters”.
    Wishing you and yours the Best in all you do..
    Pens-up “Songerwriter..
    See you at the Grammies…
    Your Friend In Music,
    Carmella aka Lyricsinmyhead

    • Mr. Jeb, You are one of my favorite people in the world!! You are the strong silent Clint Eastwood type that stands his ground and is willing to fight for what he believes in!! Your cause is pure unadulterated traditional country music and you have built a huge following of people who genuinely love you!! I happen to be one of those people!! Your commitment has put you at the top of my charts and you have built a legacy that has made you a true Facebook Icon!! Anyone who wants to find good country music on Facebook need look no further than my honky-tonk hero DJ Jeb Clayton!! A man of very few words but a Barroom Jukebox full of hits!! The day that I knew I was making waves was the day that Mr. Jeb posted one of my songs!! That was an honor that I will never forget!! After seeing my song on your wall-I thought look out Mr. George Strait, Jocephus is coming to Nashville to take your job-Lol!! You are a great friend and brother!! Keep it country and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!! Btw folks Mr. Jeb developed some great videos for some of Captain Jocephus’ songs-one in particular is My New Orleans which has well over 1,000 views in just a hand full of months!! Check them out on YouTube!!

  11. Crongrats to you Joe for making your dreams come true. I hope people read your story and be inspired to never give up on their dreams. I wish you the best of luck and I want a cd signed when it first comes out I cant say the first cd bc Im sure your family will have that one. When you have your first big show and if carlos is off we will sure to be there to cheer you on.

    • Miss Raven, thanks for stopping by and commenting!! You and Carlos have a lot to be proud of!! Y’all will definitely be involved in all future successes as y’all are now part of the Blueblood family!! Pens up-see you at the top of the charts!!

  12. I would like to thank all involved in this. Kymberly, Randy and Joe Matthews. Nashville Music Guide. This was the
    Most needed cause to be cured, Lyrics for Lyric. Beautiful Lyric Frizzell needs prayers and a lot of support. thank you Corey. Joe and I are so excited fir the special week, I am very proud of him for what he got to do in was a very fun week, meeting Wade and Tina at Picks Nashville was a blast and all the nice people we got to meet, Thanks again for all involved. We greatly appreciate it so much, love all of you, can’t wait to see y’all again.

    • Miss Neci-Lady you’ve been there through it all!! You have seen the best of me as well as the very worse of me and somehow you still love me!! Sometimes love isn’t enough and all that we’ve been through chasing this dream evidently whatever else is required-you have that too!! I remember the night I met you I tried to pick you up with a line about being a songwriter and yes I know I still owe you a limo ride but do you believe me now about the songwriter part? Lol!! It takes a special woman to tolerate my breed especially with my career and upcoming career-and you my love are special!! There are no refunds so I guess you are stuck with me because you are committed!! Or is it that you should be committed?? No matter how tough it’s been or how crazy I am just remember you married me-so what does that say for you-hahahaha!! I am so glad that you enjoyed Nashville-to see you cut loose and live that honky-tonk life was pure joy for me!! Come to find out after all these years you can still boogey with the best-matter of fact there were times I was wondering if I would keep up!! I did think it was great that usually you are the one that is trying to keep my drunk ass from going to jail and for once in Nashville I got to return the favor!! It was a blast sharing this dream with you!! I love you babe-thanks for never giving up on me when giving up would have been the sane, reasonable and easy thing to do!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  13. Great job Joe,keep up the good work.But do not forget the road is long ,so keep going hard. Good luck!

    • Ray, we’ve got them hooked up in the corner full steam ahead on this lost highway that is a long hard road!! Thanks for your support and helping make the journey a little brighter and easier!! Pens up-See you at the top of the charts!!

  14. Here’s what I love about Captain Joe, He’s Unique, and has an amazing talent, so much so that he inspired me to write my New song Titled “Songwriters” again He was unique..but most of all he’s a Great “Songwriter” and Human being.. Funny too..
    When I met Joe Kent on Facebook last year I was amazed at the lyrics/songs Joe was writing and performing..I loved each and everyone of them. I took to his friendship right away, we both had something in common “Songwriting” and Joe has a Charisma about him that you just can’t resist along with being one of the most funniest Songwriters I know. You can see that humor in many of his songs..
    We were chatting about Songwriting and always stay positive and ended our conversations on a great note, how one day we would meet at the Grammy Awards..
    So one night I decided to write a song about “Songwriters” like Joe and of course myself..
    I then turned it over to my music producer and good friend Nelson Blanchard who co-wrote the song with me and took it to a whole new level. So thank you Captain Joe for the inspiration to write “Songwriters”
    You deserve to be hear Captain Joe Kent..Pens-Up
    Meet you at the Grammies..
    Carmella aka Lyricsinmyhead

    • Miss Carmella, you are just so damn sweet and have become one of my favorite people!! You sure know how to make an ‘ole country boy’s heart pump peanut butter!! You know I used to try and convince my wife that she was lucky to have me-I’d say, “You know Miss Neci a lady can go her whole life without having a song written about her and you have literally hundreds written about you!! Never did I entertain the thought that maybe one day I’d be an influence and inspiration to another songwriter!! That is some powerful stuff and is a major honor to me that I wear like a badge!! I know I will likely be a major influence in another song you are currently writing entitled Cajun Joe!! The lyrics you have shared with me so far on that work sure makes Cajun Joe sound like Boat Trash-can’t wait until you finish that one!! You like myself have spent many years chasing this dream and it seems that recently you have found your place just as I have!! I’m glad we found each other during the good times and have been able to share in each others success!! I am still planning on contacting Nelson soon about My New Orleans-hopefully in the future you and I will get a chance to work together!! Btw-I appreciate you and Nelson and your commitment to our Gulf Coast during the disastrous oil spill!! Keep it country my love-Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!! Be sure to save me a seat at the Grammies!! Cajun Joe aka legendinmymind!!

  15. i have been with FMT for about a year now when i first hired on i heard about Captain Joe Kent and his aspiration for music after listening to some of his music i have seen that he has all the heart and desire not to mention the skill to make it with his music dreams glad to see your dreams coming true Capt Joe keep them songs coming

    • James, aka Little country-It has been a pleasure getting to know you!! You are a hard worker and a definite asset to FMT!! Keep up the good work little brother and you will find major success with this great company we work for!! The future is bright here for a young man like yourself and you definitely have what it takes to advance!! I guess that means you are Boat Trash too!! Thanks for the comment!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

    • Captain Otis-I always enjoy visiting with you on fb!! I really dig your sense of humor and your unique way of looking at the world!! You have brought me an army of fans-a lot of them are your family!! The fact that you want to share what I do with your family is an honor to me!! When it comes to honest to goodness true blue fans and friends-you my brother are the real McCoy!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  16. @Joe Kent ~ It isn’t so much that I love to say “I told you so”, so much as that you actually listened. It’s the foolish one’s who don’t, then wonder “what the heck went wrong”. Those are the one’s I don’t like to have to say “I told you so” to. I’m just happy that you didn’t think I was crazy when I told you “how” I knew. Thank You!, As always, I remain you number #1 dedicated fan. It just tickles me to see your success! You are most deserving of it! Never forget your roots, the people who loved you through the hard times, and the one’s who had faith in you, and you’ll be living your dream for a long time to come. My pen is going back up, once I get moved…Lord knows the chapters have been accumulating. Oh yeah, See You At The Top Of The Charts!

    • Miss Tessa-you are such a vital part of this outlaw bit that we’ve got going on-you are an official outlaw woman!! In the words of ‘ole Waylon-“I’ve Always Been Crazy!!” There is such a thin line between crazy and Jenius that the two often overlap!! I think it is profoundly unique that we find ourselves on the same page when it comes to those things!! I can’t wait for you to start writing again-I look forward to reading your work and supporting you as you have support me!! It is amazing to find such quality like minded people on fb that I have never met in person that I still consider family!! We have built some strong relationships with a group of people that are now my family!! You my dear are a member in good standing!! Thanks again-Pens up-See you at the top of the charts!!

  17. I have the pleasure of knowing and working with capt Joe on a daily basis. This is a great article about him. He is a really down to earth person. I hope he inspires people to bring back real raw country music.

    • Mr. Chism-you have been a very loyal crew member!! I have enjoyed watching you grow and advance in your career!! Here we are at the point of training you in the wheelhouse as steersman and you are already mirroring me to the point that it’s scary!! I know there have been times that you thought I was out of my mind but now you know more of the methods behind the madness!! Soon you will be the leader of the pack and they’ll all think you’re crazy!! You are a future captain of America and I am happy that I have the opportunity to train you!! Thanks for the time on the deck that you have given me and congrats on passing the tests to advance to the wheelhouse!! You are a Blueblood brother that I am proud of!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  18. Capt.Joe this is and awesome article about u. This article should inspire millions of people and show them that they can follow there dreams if they never give up. Keep up the good work Capt. Joe we cause in my opion it could not have happen to a better man. Congrats again Capt Joe.

    • Captain Brandon aka Big Country-I have enjoyed having you on board this hitch!! You are a young man that has stuck to his dream as well through many a’raging storm!! I’ve watched you grow into a fine captain and am proud to call you friend and brother!! My life is brighter with you in it!! Thanks for your support my Blueblood brother!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  19. Joe it sounds to me like Your Ride on the Cumberland River may have been a Great one !!Sometimes it is not easy to get to nashville by water but with a little patience and some help from Cyberspace , It seems as if you found the right navigations . Good luck in Your endeavers , With Your Songs as well as Your Venture with Curt and Boat Trash Records !! Your Friend in Music David Byers

    • David-another Mossouri tune smith!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us here at the Nashville Music Guide!! I was definitely not posted on the Cumberland and all the things I experienced while on Music Row was all uncharted territory for this Captain!! I tell folks all the time give me a chart-I don’t need posting!! If someone spits on the ground I’ll drive a towboat through it!! My time in Music City was uncomfortable at times and I was sure wondering what was around the next bend but when all was said and done we navigated that street paved with turists like a good captain should!! But it was sure nice to have a’many of good crew like you helping me!! I appreciate you supporting me and playing my music up there!! Also if you know of any artist up there looking for good artist bios or press releases, my friend Phil Sweetland is an amazing genius!! Thanks my brother-see you at the top of the charts!!

  20. Daddy, you did great. I’m very proud of you. I had a blast with you. And one day, if I ever get the gall, I will be telling everyone that you were my inspiration. Wouldn’t that be an accomplishment? I love you daddy. Keep the faith. Had to throw that one in. It kept me going for years. See you at the top of the charts daddy.

    • DJ-It was an awesome time that I got to spend with you in Nashville!! There as been so much time that we have lost together over the years and this trip didn’t make up for that but it sure helped!! We needed that time together and it was special!! I found out that my daughter definitely has the same blood coursing through her veins and that the talent and desire to write and create is just a family tradition!! You got to find out that your old man is still the same ‘ole wild ass redneck that he has always been and that this Outlaw bit ain’t just a fad or vise but a way of life that is really me!! You and Miss Neci got to know each other on a deeper level and you found out that it takes an outlaw woman to keep up with ‘ole Captain Jocephus and she can definitely keep up!! I was tickled to see that my little girl that is all grown up now can hold her own with the rough and rowdy crowd that I choose to surround myself with!! I can’t say for sure if it’s a good or bad thing but you have a lot of Jocephus under that hat of yours!! We have stories now that will last us the rest of our lives and this is just the beginning!! We painted Nashville red, white and blue and partied like rock stars!! It meant more than you know to have you sharing this first real chapter of my musical life!! Everyone loved you and ask about you often!! You know you’ve always been a good girl and kept your feet planted firmly on the ground but underneath you have a wild side that is the hellion you inherited from me!! It was mighty fun being introduced to Diannacephus!! You make me proud and I know the creative side will fluorescent asset in your future!! Pens up sweetheart-I love you-See you at the top of the charts!!

      • Daddycephus,
        It was an honor to be there with you through this first musical journey. I wish Jess could have been there. I want to be there through it all. I had a blast. I found out that I have some family I never knew I had. We developed some family out in Tennessee as well. I’m glad that wild streak came out. It helped me become the person I needed to be during that week. Nothing will ever make up for the time we lost but I can guarantee that won’t happen again. I’m a daddy’s girl. Always have been. I’ve been just like you my whole life and didn’t really know it. I am a spawn of you and there’s no denying it. I need to learn how to play guitar. I want to see if all the creativity is there. See you at the top of the charts! I love you daddy.

  21. Congrats to you Joe. Your a man much like myself. We’ve had our struggles in this biz and all the while, we keep on keeping on. I know your talent and soon the world will know. I’m proud this trip to Nashville that was 25 years in the making was everything, and more than you expected. You looked at it for what it truely was, grabbed the damn bull by the horns and rode it. I’m proud of you my friend. Great song you wrote with Tony Stampley too, by the way. Your living proof that you don’t need publishers, (you are one), or tons of money to be noticed. The legitimate folks in the biz Like Randy and Kymberly, see what you have to offer and, that’s all that matters. You’re going to the top my brother and I appreciate you giving me a ride. When I met you on Facebook, I just figured you were an old Outlaw that liked my song. I was proud to have your friendship, in fact, after only knowing you a short while, I valued it. Our friendship was built on that. It didn’t take long to realize that we had alot in common, from the Whiskey we drank, to the Cigarette’s we smoke, to our dislike of windchimes, and even our taste in women!! lol. Which brings us to where we are today. Because of our shared friendship with Randy and Kymberly, you’ve been able to fulfill some things in your life unfinished. Your a Songwriter…true blue, who writes what he feels. You never claim to be a singer but, you are a writer, and a damn good one. You, I believe saw my talent as a writer and singer and thought enough of me to share a seat on your ride up the mountain. Boat Trash Publishing is now my “official” publisher, something that I’ve needed for awhile. You said to me, you felt honored that I asked if you would publish my songs…Hell, I was the one that was honored. Now, your on board with me on my upcoming album, “JUST MY LUCK”. Again, your taking the bull by the horns and making things happen, FOR ME. you wouldn’t have to do that, but you do. That’s what an artist like myself needs and, you’ve been just the man for the job. We’re partners, some even call us brothers but, we’re JUST A COUPLE OUTLAWS really. I hope people see that we truely do have something to offer as writers and for me, as a singer. Many thanks to the NMG for having the format to share this with others. From an old honky tonker to a whiskey drinkin’, songwriting Towboater Captain, Hat’s off to you my Brother, and I look forward to taking this ride we’re on. If nothing’s ever gained from this, I’ve gained a great friend, maybe even a “best friend” and there’s not many people in life you can tag with that…Hat’s off, and see you at the top of the charts.

    • CLC you are my honky-tonk hero and brother!! Now by god you are my business partner-we’ve sure come a many a’whiskey mile since we began this voyage!! Now with the partnership we’ve forged in the capacity of Boat Trash Publishing we have a new course to set sail on!! The album Just My Luck will be finished and available in less than 2 months and we already have 2 more in the planning and developmental stages-that is beyond amazing, that is the fast draw of two ‘ole Outlaws like us!! Of course with your vast experience you and I both realize that there are no promises or guarantees in this fickle industry-yet I will make you this one promise-I am committed to you and believe in the projects at hand and will stand up in the stirrups and beat this wild horse down with the bit to get us to the top of the charts!! With you and I and Mike Sharp running Boat Trash I believe we are destined for greatness!! Whether we make waves or whether we get left in the wake remains to be seen but I’m betting we make a great splash and it is the journey that matters the most anyhow!! If the ship hits the sand and we find ourselves sinking tomorrow, I can say right now “what a helluva a ride!!” Nevertheless I do believe in our success because we both believe in integrity and our reputations!! We can still trust in a man’s word, honor and handshake simply because we are men of that caliber ourselves!! That is all that we can really do anything about anyway and if we keep those in tact and are honest in our business dealings then we will have no competition!! Dare to dream son and never lose sight of your vision because if there is anything I can do about it I’m gonna make those dreams come true!! With Randy, Miss Kymberly, Joe Matthews, TCM, NMG and all the other folks that are on our side, we are a force to be reckoned with and you can’t stop a STORM!! Full steam ahead there matie-if they fall behind, they get left behind!! Damn the hurricane-twirl the mains and let’em blow-full steam ahead-See you at the top of the charts!!

  22. I told you so! I knew the second I ran across your “Son Of The Highway” song that you had it in you. I’ll be seeing you at the tope of the charts, my dear friend. Hugs and Kisses, and lots of Love to you and Miss Neci.

    • Miss Tessa, I just love you girl!! You were the very first fb Jocephus fan and you have been through it all with me!! You believed in me when I didn’t too much believe in myself!! I used “See you at the top of the charts” as just a cool catch phrase but you truly believed it from the word go!! You love to say I told you so and I love to hear it!! You were right all along and I appreciate you for recognizing what I was too close to to see!! I knew my songs had merit but I didn’t fully realize their potential!! I should have never doubted your keen observation- I have lived long enough to know that a woman is always right!! Thank you for your support and belief!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

    Congratulations to Captain Joe. Talented in more ways than one; A great Boat Captain and an exceptional song writer and performer.
    Good luck to “Captain Joe”, all the way to the top.

    • Michael-thanks so much for you observations and comments!! It is the talented friends and fans like yourself that are behind the scenes making me look good!! Much like my Captain’s duties-a good man on the deck giving good information can make the greenest wheelman look like a seasoned pro!! On the other hand a deckhand with lesser abilities can sometimes make the most experienced captain look like he has his head up his…ah…stern!! It is important for a crew member to be the wheelman’s eyes and ears and to give good feedback and observations!! Friends and fans like yourself are my song crew and have earned your salt with me!! Thank you for thinking enough about me to stop by the Nashville Music Guide here and leave your observations and feedback!! Your input makes Captain Jocephus shine like the ‘ole salty dawg that he is!! You are very appreciated matey!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  24. Additional links for Captain Jocephus:

    Son of the Highway” –
    Weebly Site –
    Reverb –
    MySpace –
    Facebook –
    Twitter – @CaptainJocephus

    Also check out Curtis Lyn Cook’s song/video Outlaws that will be on the album Just My Luck. Just My Luck will be released in June under Boat Trash Publishing:

    “Outlaws” –

    • Well, when I got on Facebook, I have an illness that takes to music because I love it. That is something that I cherish. Along come the captain and he accepts me as a friend. I thought his passion was the beautiful pictures that he takes from his vessel. No, he is a writer of wonderful songs from the old country, to the outlaws to his own Unique style. He has real drinking sons, love of women and the ramble road he has been always. I asked him to write a song for me and he did just a few words; it made my day . Then one night when I was sad and blue …. I wrote him a story and asked him to write a song. He was honest and fair that he could not write that song and gave me personal advise that came true from his heart. Now, today… He has been to Nashville for a honor and they are looking at him. I say have you ever taken the time to listen to all the songs he has written. I have. I can hear new singers, popular singers and the singers that have been around for years singing his songs. Don’t let this man slip by just because of numbers; let his songs be heard and the Nashville that I always loved can not go wrong!!

      • Miss Deb-You are a true Georgia peach and just as sweet as they come!! It does my heart good to know that my songs have such a positive impact on you and helps when you are down and not feeling well!! I know I do have the power to take away your pain but if I can make it bearable then I will always do my best for you!! You have been a true friend and a great fan and I am thrilled to have you on board!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  25. Captain Jocephus is enjoying blue skies and fair tides thanks to the crew at the Nashville Music Guide!! I love you guys!! Phil Sweetland you are nothing less than pure Jenius (not misspelled-J for Jocephus) when it comes to a title with a hook and the body of your articles are as captivating as Daisy Duke’s body in her little short-shorts!! You have captured what it’s like to be Jocephus on Music Row!! Bob Coan-thanks for the great pics my brother-the photo shoot was fun and I have stories I can tell about that and so do you!! 😉 You are a Jenius as well!! Corey Frizzell thank you soooooo much for allowing me to be a part of Lyrics for Lyric!! Miss Lyric has a lot of love in this world and that heals things that the doctors with all their degrees and technology can not touch!! Tony Stampley, it was so much fun writing with you, thanks for making me a part of your life and having me at your writer’s night!! I believe The Party’s on is a hit and will cement us and tie us together as honky-tonk heroes from now on!! Big Joe Matthews-writing with you was a blast, you have a sense of humor and excitement about this business that is matched by no other!! Man we wrote 2 songs in no time flat-one of those songs will be a great addition to your new album and Battle With the Bottle is being considered by an artist I know!! You and I are making dreams come true!! To Wade and Tina Johnson as well as Tony Boatright, Jr. and the entire crew at Pick’s Nashville-Thank ya’ll so much for the hospitality and the warm reception!! I have a new honky-tonk home and family!! To my crew of fans that came from all over the country to support me and also the ones who couldn’t make it but sent their love from where they were-Without your dedication I would be a falling tree in the forest that no one is there to witness!! The noise I make would matter not a damn bit!! Captain Jocephus fans are like no others and are loyal beyond measure!! There was so much activity jammed into a week on Music Row so I am sure I have overlooked someone in this comment!! If you have touched my life and I yours I have not intentionally overlooked you but am still a bit shell shocked from the tremendous shock waves that has resulted from this amazing time in my life-thank ya’ll for being a part of that!! My wife Denise (Miss Neci) and my daughter Dianna that made the trip with me, thanks for allowing me the time away from ya’ll while in Nashville to make things happen!! I love ya’ll!! Miss Kymberly Matthews-thanks for believing in me you are a Jenius!! Randy Matthews, thanks for all the things that are too numerous to mention that you have done for me!! I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that everything that you set up for me, eventhough it was uncharted waters for me, turned to a rip tide of success!! Everything you touch seems to turn to gold-I have no doubt that in the immediate future you will pave the streets of Nashville with it!! You are The Jenius and I am honored and humbled by your commitment and undying faith in Captain Jocephus!! Pens up folks and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

  26. Great article! I am self proclaimed ‘Boat Trash’ Myself and couldn’t be more proud to call Captain Joe Kent my friend. I am a striving singer songwriter myseld and Josephus has been very encourageing to me…His writing ability is astounding and right up my alley! I can’t help but try and follow his lead..Soon everyone will know who he is and value his opinion as Me and several others do..As a fellow towboater I am extremely proud and excited to know him and hopefully be a part of his future success…And as he always says ‘Pens up and I’ll see you at the TOP of the charts!’

    • Jason aka Chief-What this world needs is a little more Boat Trash so we can take our country back!! Your latest songwriting effort I Just Saw Red sent cold chills all over me and really effected me!! When a songwriter can evoke an emotional response from his listeners like that then he has done his job well!! On top of that your delivery is filled with the feeling of a man who knows what he’s singing about!! I’ve had my eye on you for quite awhile and I am watching a up & coming artist grow and develop right in front of me!! Just recently you were invited on stage by a good friend of ours-‘Ole CLC-he wasn’t sure you would remember all the words to all the songs nor how you would handle the stage-but you never missed a lick!! CLC told me “Joe, that boy just damn near stole the show!!” In fact you worked the stage and the audience with all the confidence of a pro!! You are and have been a piece of the puzzle that we are putting together-once we get the pieces put together so that we can fit you in place we will have created a picture that will be a masterpiece!! Keep on writing your songs and practicing ’cause just like a very wise man once told me-son you just might right a #1 hit!! I would venture to say that you may have already done just that my boy!! There will come a time in the not too distant future when Boat Trash Publishing will be in a position to talk serious business with you if someone else hasn’t already discovered you and scooped you up before!! Moma’s lock up your daughters and stand guard by the whiskey barrel- that wild crew is back in town!! They are a bunch of Outlaws that we call Boat Trash!! Pens up my brother and I’ll see you at the top of the charts with the rest of the Boat & Oil Trash!!

  27. i’m glad everything went so well for you daddy! it’s quite awesome seeing you all over the internet. i’m so proud of you. this just shows me that you can do anything you put your mind to….it just might take a while. i love you so much daddy! i can’t wait to hear your songs on the radio and be able to say “THAT’S MY DAD!! BE JEALOUS!!”

    • My sweet little Jessie-You always have such a unique way at looking at the world!! You are cool!! I am glad I am making you proud and all your friends jealous!! Can’t wait to get you honky-tonkin in Nashville!! See you at the top of the charts!! I love you!!

      • Hey Capt. Joe, sitting here with a cup of “joecaine” reading your article. Like I said on the phone, I knew ya had it in ya! CONGRATZ! Waiting to hear “The Party’s On” and am making a trip in June to place my “print” in the Captains Chair at Picks! Break A Leg Capt. ! I’ll see you on the 1 when we meet!

        • Captain Bryant, that is so cool!! Tell the folks at Pick’s that you were my Relief Captain for quite a while!! If you wanna get up-you’ve got to get a cup of Jocain-if you wanna lay down don’t you mess around with Jocain-it’s no lie-you’ll get high-if you try…Jocain!! My good friend and business partner Curtis Lyn Cook will most likely be in Nashville in June-I am assuming you are going for Fan Fair but give me a call and let me know when you are going-you might get to see a live CLC show!! While you are there-don’t forget to pick up a copy of the June Nashville Music Guide-you will likely see a lot of CLC in that one and I will get it autographed for you!! You were there when many of my songs were written and I appreciate the support!! Pens up and I’ll see you at the top of the charts!!

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