AMA: Matraca Berg @ The Rutledge – Oct 14, 9pm

Matraca Berg
Friday, October 14
The Rutledge / 9pm

Hailed as “one of Nashville’s most graceful singer/songwriters,” by USA Today, and praised by Kris Kristofferson with “she’s one of the best singer/songwriters now,” Matraca Berg undeniably made one of the best albums of the year with The Dreaming Fields released in May. The Hall of Fame Songwriter usually stays out of the recorded world, opting for writing hit and history-making songs for others — even though Sunday Morning To Saturday Night, released 14 years ago, was hailed by TIME, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, People and The Chicago Tribune as one of the Top 10 Albums of the Year in any genre.

And with The Dreaming Fields, Berg landed in Americana’s Top Ten, and was a top download on Amazon week of release — receiving tremendous praise, including NPR’s “All Things Considered,” The New York Times, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Boston Herald, and Huffington Post just to name a few. With The New York Times offering, “With melodies steeped in hymns and Appalachia, she sings character studies that ponder the inevitability of loss…restrained but never spartan. She’s her own producer making the sorrow and longing luminous.” “All Things Considered” recognized the nuance and vulnerability of Berg’s postmodern Southern Gothic tone: “The broken dreams of adulthood, acceptance and moving on even when you know there may not be anything better up ahead. Whether she’s etching the landscapes of emotional uncertainty or revealing how people ultimately find their strength, Berg’s gift lies in her ability to convey stories from the inside out.”

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