Ashley Martin To Have CD Release Party Feb. 7

Ashley Martin CoverAshley Martin will be celebrating the release of her new CD, “Torn,” at the new Listening Room Café in Nashville next week. The Feburary 7 show will kick off three days of shows in downtown Nashville, with a performance at National Underground on Feb. 8 and a performance at Honky Tonk Central on Feb. 9.

The “Torn” CD has received some great reviews and generated a strong buzz from fans, as well as online.  Martin had expected to release “Torn Between Two Worlds” as the first single, but she explained that the response for “Hello Lonely” was so strong that it was released as the first single instead.

Martin has also released two videos, one for “Hello Lonely” and one for “Anyone Better Than You.” Both videos were featured performances from Good Time Charlie’s, an Ohio bar that she considers one of her favorite places to play.

“As you travel, people don’t know who you are that much,” Martin said. She enjoys going to places like New York and Alabama to perform, but loves to come back to Ohio and pack the place for a hometown show.

She currently lives in Springboro, Ohio with her husband, Eric, and their two children – David,5 and Wyatt, 1. She attended college at Belmont University in Nashville and she makes trip to Nashville about every other week.

According to Martin, she’s gone three to five days when she makes a trip to Nashville. In order to keep a balance between career in

family, she said she make sure to dedicate the next few days exclusively to her family when she returns.

She said that she and Eric have considered making a move to Nashville, but they are staying in Springboro for now. She said her husband has a great job in Ohio.

In addition to being an artist, Martin also prides herself on being a songwriter. She said that songwriting allows you to be someone else at that moment, noting that she’s written a song from a man’s point of view as well as a song about a homeless girl.

Martin has been influenced by artist in country music, as well as rock music. One artist she said she has great respect for is Kelly Clarkson. She explains that some artists change a song live because the notes performed on the CD may be difficult to hit. She said she respects Clarkson because she sings her songs live the same way they appear on the CD.

Martin knows there is much more to the music business than doing shows and writing song. Martin spends a lot of time promoting her music and booking shows.

Social media has made it much easier for an artist like Martin to promote their music and communicate with fans. “It’s the factor that makes or breaks you,” she said, adding that labels will look to see how many “likes” you have on your page to determine if they will sign you.

Martin has recently broken 1,000 likes on her Facebook fan page, However, she has another goal. She would like to have a booth at CMA Music Fest 2013. In order to do that, she will need at least 2,500 “likes.”

Martin's CD can be purchased through iTunes. More information about Martin, her music and show dates can be found at