Cancer Gets An Earful of Music This Thursday


Billy Block’s stage 4 melanoma gets the love and support he deserves from a town that loves him…Nashville, TN.

This Thursday February 13th Andrew Clark’s Hype Train Entertainment is giving back to the man, Billy Block, with a show Billy will love:

A new Artist Management firm in Nashville operated by Andrew Clark, is presenting a show to benefit Music City Industry’s long-time friend and mentor Billy Block February 13, 2014 at 6:00pm at 12th & Porter. A few weeks ago, news of Billy Block’s stage 4 melanoma swept through Nashville as brisk and stiff as our seriously cold polar vortex winds this winter. An evening to present Hype Train Entertainment artists; seasoned Warner Chappell writer and new artist Aaron Goodvin and an up-and-coming group Jacob Martin Band was already in development – but upon hearing the news of Billy’s medical condition, there was no question the evening would shift to support a mentor and true friend, Billy Block.

Hype Train’s owner Clark said:

“Billy Block has given new artists the ultimate platform to launch their greatest dreams, and I’m grateful I represent a few who have truly benefitted from the Billy Block experience. It’s all about giving back to those who have given their all. Who deserves this more than Billy? No one.”

And who stepped up and stepped in to perform this Thursday 2/1314 6:00pm at 12th & Porter:

· The Farm of Warner Brothers Nashville to headline the show
· Acoustic acts: Bonnie Baker, Johnny Bulford, YouTube sensation Walker McGuire, Greg Barnill
· Aaron Goodvin, Hype Train’s own new artist
· Jacob Martin Band
· Joe Denim comedic sensation featuring Joel Bretlinger and Shannon Beck

Bretlinger and Beck have been tapped as hosts, and additionally drew in the support of CMT and SiriusXM radio host of The Highway Storme Warren to star-stud the emcee duties.

The $5 door charge and any additional donation will go to the Billy Block Beats Cancer Fund. Additional donations may be made by going to . See you at 12th & Porter Thursday at 6pm!!

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