Chad Prather Entertains, Enlightens, and Encourages Through His Stories of Life Experience

Chad Prather is a motivational speaker (of over 25 years), a comedian, a musician, a TV host, a Dad and a Husband, and one of the worlds most watched public figures in social media. Wow, sounds like a super hero, well you know for some he just might be. He is a native of Georgia but has made Texas his home away from home.

At the age of two he was reciting the story of David and Goliath. He told me that from the age of 19 he had always enjoyed helping others by encouraging them to do well. He’s a storyteller, a philosopher and sage. Through humor, his musical showmanship and motivational speaking he takes real life experiences and turns them in to life lessons that help bring out the best in a sometimes tricky situation.

He’s candid, witty, and humorous videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, some even hitting a million views. He speaks from the heart not just the head and his topics cover every day situations that most people experience pretty much on a regular basis.

His candor and freshness has helped many to lighten the load of stress and many have told me they truly enjoy his casual approach. He makes them feel like they’ve known him all their life.”

His humor is contagious and his smile is hypnotizing. Fans love watching Chad on his Youtube Channel where you can find all his funny yet witty and wily video’s where he “Entertains, Enlightens, and Encourages folks to wake up and smell the coffee, or is it the roses?

Prather has won high acclaims for his super lighthearted take of what it means to be Southern and how folks from the south really just want to live a full and happy life. His video “Unapologetically Southern” is absolutely out of this world and recently hit the mark at over 2 million views. It’s all about growing up with respect for our elders, (understanding we are never to big for a whooping), and saying “Yes ma’am and no ma’am and loving who we are. This video actually garnered him a spot of Fox and Friends.

I hope he won’t mind but I have dubbed him “The Chad” … he’s got…as Keith Mundee, President of American Hat Company said….”The It Factor”. He is a superb motivator and his personality is a perfect fit for what he does. He “Entertains, Enlightens, and Encourages”….that’s really something we need in this day and age.

Prather is also the host of Ride Television Network’s program called “It’s My Backyard” with a focus on travel. It was here that he began making the video’s which in turn became an entirely different outlet for his humorous personality and ideas. Ride Television is apart of the Equestrian Network.

He is a philosopher of life and uses his own real life experiences to encourage others to keep up the good fight, be yourself , love your family and respect others. Always. He has appeared on Nash Country Weekly, Fox News, Fox and Friends and he has appeared in Country Living Magazine.

Aside from all these remarkable qualities of speaking, the live video’s, and hosting the TV show, Chad is also part of The Kings of CowTown Comedy Tour which is a great way to share his musical abilities and comedy with his partner in crime Cowboy Bill Martin. They played over 35 cities in 2016 to sold out crowds. Comedy is blessing.

Another great support project that Chad works with is called the Cowboys Who Care Foundation, a charity organization in support of children with terminal illness. Chad and his partner Cowboy Bill give each child they visit a cowboy hat that is special made just for little cowboys and little cowgirls.

It is our belief that there is nothing more precious than a child’s smile. We have found that cowboy hats help create those beautiful smiles. It is our belief that a cowboy hat is still a symbol of bravery, honor and now with your help, compassion.

Beside all the charity work, the inspirational candor and the motivational charm Chad has traveled to Africa and Europe and he continues to make radio and TV appearances around the world.

“With the world being as small as it is, I think it’s necessary that we learn to embrace other cultures,” Prather said. “You see the differences and you don’t hate them, you don’t stereotype them. You just learn to appreciate them.”

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