Collective Soul Playing Marathon Music Works on July 5

Collective Soul
Collective Soul

“We’ve been kicking the idea around for several years, as far as doing one of the records start to finish,” says Joel Kosche, lead guitarist of Collective Soul, about playing Dosage in its entirety on their current tour.  “It’s really just a great concept, you know, as a fan — a real fan — to soak in one of the records start to finish.”

After two years without a major tour, Collective Soul is back on the road and will be performing at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on July 5.

“It seemed like the timing was right for a little bit of a break,” Kosche says of the band’s two years away.  “[Lead singer Ed Roland] had a baby boy, I had a baby boy.  We would do weekend warrior stuff, you know, just go out on the weekends and play, to sort of stay in the game that way.  We’d been going pretty strong since 2004.  We were putting out records and touring consistently, all the way up to 2010.  It just seemed like the timing was right.”

In addition to starting families, the Kosche and the other members of Collective Soul — guitarists Ed and Dean Roland, and bassist Will Turpin — worked on other projects of their own during their time away from touring, but they’re glad to be back on the road together.

“When we come back to do the Collective Soul thing, it’s nice.  There’s a certain sense of comfort there, you know, that the songs that you’re playing are going to be well received.  And the fans are great.  I mean, they’re as great now as they’ve ever been.  They’re a very enthusiastic, loyal fan base, which keeps the excitement up.”

And the band’s loyal fan base is sure to be excited to hear them perform the fan-favorite Dosage album from start to finish.

“When we talked about [playing a whole album], it seemed like Dosage came up most of the time,” says Kosche.  “For the band overall, that seems to be kind of our favorite record.  There’s just something about it.  I always felt like it was the best combination of the guitar-riff stuff meets the more electronic side, the loops and synth-sounding things.  I always thought that was a good mix of the two.”

Dosage also includes the song “Tremble For My Beloved,” which was featured in the first film of The Twilight Saga and introduced the band to a new generation of fans.

“We started to see that immediately after the movie came out,” Kosche says.  “Our fan base and our demographic is very broad right now. We have teenagers — little kids, really — all the way up.  People that have grown up with the band, they’ve got kids of their own now and bring them out.”

Fans of Collective Soul’s other material don’t need to worry: they won’t be limiting their show to the 12 tracks from Dosage. They’ll also be playing the other hits from their catalog, spanning nearly 20 years.

“We don’t have an opening act, we’re doing An Evening With Collective Soul,” says Kosche.  “We’ll do the Dosage record and we’ll take a little break, then we’ll come back and we’ll do all the songs that everybody really wants to hear.  We don’t leave you hanging.  We’ll make sure everybody leaves happy and that it’s a high energy show.”

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Article by Andrew Miller | Photo by Joseph Guay


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