Derek Jones Pray Album Review

Derek Jones released his new album Pray and it is everything we love about country music. Featuring the topics of America, church, drinking, and heartbreak.

The title track “Pray” throws some major punches at the political fight going on in America right now. Jones hits us where it hurts, in such a clever way, “This ain’t the country my family fought and died for.”He is getting back to the foundation of country by singing about faith.

“What Happened” is a love song with the traditional country twist. It’s all about the punch in the gut. She left him, and he is left broken.

“Meant to Be” catches your attention right off. It’s a slower song, but the beat picks up. “Somethings aren’t meant to be” is heard in the chorus. This song has a slower tempo as well. The lyrics again are the core of country. Every song on the album is what you would expect to hear from an A-list country artist.

Derek Jones dedicated a chapter of his life to serving in the U.S. Navy. After he completed his service he started playing music and found himself living in Nashville shortly after. He is a singer and song writer. He has shared the stage with many country music greats including David Allan Coe, Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Daniels, Jamey Johnson, and many more. Jones was on tour in Australia last month. We are waiting for the release of more dates.

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Review By: Taraya Harvey

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