Electric Forest’s 2018 Wish Machine Inspires Global Impact with 4,500+ Hours Volunteered and Over $75,000 Donated

Leading into Electric Forest (EF) 2018, the 8th annual festival launched a brand-new Plug In fan participation initiative, The EF Wish Machine. The EF Wish Machineencouraged the Forest Family to spread positivity beyond the Forest and into their everyday lives. In exchange, HQ would support their wildest Electric Forest dreams coming true. With over 5,000 wishes submitted, Electric Forest (EF) is proud to report the Global Impact of the Forest Family and the inaugural EF Wish Machine Plug In Program.
Via the wishes submitted, the Forest Family did their part in making our planet a better place. From the USA and South America, to Africa and Asia, a collective 4,500+ hours were volunteered and over $75,000 donated to community improvements and charities around the globe.

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