Folk Artist Bryan Away With New EP “Give In”

Chicago based singer/songwriter Bryan Away, better known to his friends and family as Elliot Korte, has been writing and recording nearly his entire life. This well-kept secret was finally made known with his 2016 album “The Educated Youth.”

The album was all about coming of age and featured an eclectic and somewhat complex mix of songs. This most recent EP, “Give In” is much different, it talks more about the grown-up side of life and things like longing, loss, and isolating one’s self with personal issues.

The guitar expressions are intricate and detailed and pull from musical influences such as Nick Drake and Deerhoof. Bryan Away is a solo artist but has phenomenal talent performing with him on this new album.

Nathan Bojko on drums, Cam Cunningham on guitar and Jeffery Wheaton on bass, accompany Bryan for an evergreen recording that is sure to catch the attention of loyal folk listeners around the world.

His style is indicative of Thom Yorke, Sufjan Stevens, and Nick Drake. He has performed at the famous and most notable venue in Chicago called “The Hideout.” This EP “Give In” was produced by James McAlister and is a 5 track collection of new and eclectic folk art music.

“Give In” is definitely eclectic and different, so much so that it’s exceptional in creativity and obscure instrumentation. His music may not be the right cup of tea for some, but…for those who relish the far side and the hidden nuance of the lyrics accompanied by the realistic and pictorial pallet of the song, they will delve deep into the ambient essence of the song.

The entire 5 tracks will keep you spellbound as you are mesmerized by his sleepy lackadaisical vocals that bring you into the texture and unhurried world on the song. This collection was arranged with precise thought and planning. Whispered vocals and the intoxicating piano tones bring a warm and inviting feeling to the music. The ebb and flow of the lyrics and instrumentation make it a dynamic EP filled with even a slight traditional rock feel on “Birthday Song.” The third track “Children” is filled with emotion and the light guitar picking is light and fresh. The intro for “Pour One Out” is super nice with the light enjoyable percussion and keys. The last track “An Ode to the Dog Days” is classic folk-rock with a perfect set of jazz breaks.

Artist Quote:

I began writing songs in 4th grade and recording them on a cracked version of cool edit pro my friend’s older brother installed on my computer. Throughout middle school and high school, I recorded many songs though strangely did not share them with anyone. During this time I pursued a career as an actor having some success, notably playing Ted Danson’s son in the TV show Damages, as well as a movie “Brother’s Shadow” at Tribecca film festival and many TV and radio commercials ( Though my interest in acting waned after I started college I continued to write music while getting a degree in computer science. Only after graduating did I finally share my music with everyone and release my first album “The Educated Youth”. As more time has passed and more musical ideas formed in my mind I realized it was something I must pursue and am currently working on three upcoming releases simultaneously. ~Bryan Away, aka Elliot Korte~

Korte is part of a group of young artists who are redesigning the world of indie-folk and experimental music. His style is one that is unique to himself and stands out in a sea of so many who lose themselves by trying to be “like” someone else and not “BE” themselves. Bryan Away, an alias for Elliot Korte, is a natural who knows what he wants to express and his expressions are true art.

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