Jaydee Bixby – Born to Sing

Jaydee Bixby was born to sing.

 His mother and father performed in a band together, so music runs in his blood and was a natural part of family life as he was growing up. Jaydee’s musical appetite grew as he did, fed by the likes of Buck Owens, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Buddy Holly. He began singing at the age of five and was performing with the family band by the time he was ten-years-old.

The Drumheller, Alberta, Canada native had to wait until he was sixteen to audition for Canadian Idol, but by then Jaydee had matured into a big-voiced belter who won the hearts of viewers and the runner-up placement on Season 5. When legendary crooner Paul Anka was a guest star on an Idol show with Jaydee, he said the teen “has the type of talent that will keep him around for decades to come”. 

The TV fame launched Jaydee’s career, and soon he experienced a commercial breakthrough with his resoundingly successful debut recording of 2008, “Cowboys and Cadillacs.” In 2010 he released his sophomore album, Easy to Love, an assertion of his career beyond Idol. The album sees Bixby blossom into a complete artist, entertainer, and confident songwriter (He penned many of album’s songs). 

Coinciding with the sophomore release was the album’s first single, a remarkable new version of Tom Cochrane’s “Boy Inside the Man.” Jaydee applies a convincing, fresh approach to the lyric by turning the phrases into a personal, poignant prediction. Now the story behind the song is of a younger man looking ahead to what life holds for him. 

“I was super excited for ‘Boy Inside the Man,’” Jaydee says. “I’m so proud to be able to re-introduce that song to a new generation of fans. I really looked at it through my own eyes and tried to make it believable, and I like to think I made it mine.” It would appear he succeeded, for Tom Cochrane has gone on record as saying he is thrilled with Jaydee’s rendering and maintains the younger singer now “owns” the tune.

 Blessed with a rich vocal tone and an innate skill entertaining crowds, Jaydee has toured across Canada dozens of times at clubs, theatres, casinos and festivals where he was showcased, headlined, or opened for artists such as Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift. 

Jaydee is, as he states, “in it for the long haul.” He is a dedicated young artist with a compelling personal style, infused with honesty and passion. Jaydee continues to grow and develop, and claims, “I’ll stand here as long as they’ll let me sing the songs.”


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  1. Jaydee Bixby, the origional Scotty McCreery! Maybe some of Scotts success can rub off on Jaydee here in the states!

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