Joanna Mosca Shining at CRS Week

Joanna Mosca

Singer songwriter Joanna Mosca has what it takes to make it in the country music industry. What is it? It's a true gift and love for music and the ability to share it with others. Her voice is captivating, smooth, and brings you in to the music.

Appearing in Nashville at CRS week Joanna met with NMG to promote and introduce to the fans her EP “Let It All Begin” and share some of her future goals.

Entertaining professionally for over 15 years and penning some amazing songs for the last 7 years Joanna has made huge accomplishments. She was selected by CMA magazine as “Who New to Watch in 2012” and also had the opportunity to record a duet with Richie McDonald of Lonestar.

In her recent interview with NMG she talked about plans to possibly do a re-release of that song, “Where Does Good Love Go” which originally was to be recorded with Bryan White but Bryan was unable to do the duet at the time and suggested Richie, Bryan was still a big part of the project and ended up producing the album instead.

Strongly influenced by her late father and by her love of Patsy Cline, Joanna knew country music was in her blood. She is real, down to earth, and sincere. When you meet with her you'll immediately fall in love with her. Originally from New York, Joanna visits Nashville as often as she can to write and continue her work with other talented artists.

Her single “Dream on Savannah” has had tremendous reviews and the video has gone viral. Joanna also talked about the magnitude of the response from the song and the video. She said that she had received so many letters from younger fans, teenagers, who relate to the topic of the song. The topic is about bullying and struggles that young people go through as well as encouraging them to never give up on their dreams. It's touching to see the response and Joanna expressed her joy at how it has touched so many and the important message it sends to everyone, not just the young people.

Joanna's plans for 2013 are to continue introducing her music to the fans around the country. She enjoys the smaller venues because it allows her to meet and greet with the fans and it's a more personable experience. Larger venues don't allow for the closeness and personal aspect of meeting with as many people as you can with smaller venues.

Joanna is currently very active with various charities and believes in strong support of them. You can find a list of those charities on her web site at and we had a chance to talk about a few those during our interview.

The Dream Foundation which helps under privileged kids to get education and opportunities for work is very near and dear to her heart. She met a young girl, who at the time was around 9 years old. Joanna became her mentor, her tutor, and a very close friend. Today this young lady is 28 years old, doing well, and still a huge part of Joanna’s life.

A country music artist's life can be chaotic and scattered at times but it has been a great honor for us to meet and talk with her during her busy schedule. For more information on Joanna Mosca and her EP “Let It All Begin” please visit her website listed above and you can also join her on FaceBook at, and don't forget to visit her on Twitter,, where she say's she's tweeting like mad.

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