Micheal Paul Lawson Debuts New Single “Wolf By The Tail“ From His Debut Album “Some Fights You’ll Never Win”

Debut album “Some Fights You’ll Never Win” is set for a July 12th release and here for you today we would like to introduce the debut single “Wolf By The Tail.”

“Wolf By The Tail” reminds me of a great soundtrack for a movie like Desperado. It is rock solid on presentation, instrumentals, and the vocals are clear, bright, tight and well mixed. The balance is full and the way the light piano keys blend with the guitar and harmonies is inviting, keeps you swaying to the rhythm. The passion in the lyrics is clear and present, all you need do is open up and embrace it. It expresses the ups and downs of a volatile relationship and how we can become so tangled within from fighting with the carnal desires of love going nowhere. Great song.

Michael Paul Lawson is on our 2019 artist watch list and should be on yours as well. Lawson has deep roots in the music industry, his family has generations of band leaders, and classically gifted artists. His desire to follow in the footsteps of his families musical gifts were put on hold for career aspirations that would be somewhat more lucrative and financially fulfilling.

But Michael would soon realize that music was still a natural yearning and that his life was headed in a different direction. In debt from student loans and disappointed in the corporate world he moved from New York to Norfolk VA where his love for music was rekindled. He began to build a solid reputation in performances and with his writing and today, he is well on his way to hitting the charts with impressive hit-making material.

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Album art credit: Christian Arnder


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