Music, Movie, TV and Broadband Leaders Team to Curb Online Theft

Music, Movie, TV And Broadband Leaders Team To Curb Online Content Theft

On behalf of American Songwriters, NSAI applauds this marketplace agreement between the Music and Motion Picture Industries and our major Internet Service Providers.  By agreeing to notify users and enforce their subscriber agreements prohibiting the violation of America’s Copyright laws, the ISP’s are helping protect our most precious resource, creativity.

Over the past decade, songwriters, as the wellspring of music creation in America, have seen their incomes decimated and their numbers dwindle by more than two thirds.  Illegal file sharing has caused much of this devastation. This agreement will drastically reduce illegal file sharing and help law-abiding Americans realize that this country can’t make the world’s greatest music and movies unless the creators are compensated.  This loss of income is not just to rich recording and movie stars.  It hurts all the support industries and occupations that employ hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans, including engineers, musicians, office workers, carpenters, caterers, accountants, bankers and attorneys.

This agreement also exemplifies the new spirit of cooperation between music, film and content providers to bring the consumer great products and services, while allowing creators and their business representatives to be compensated, so that America’s creative businesses can once again grow and thrive.

Steve Bogard

President, Board of Directors

Nashville Songwriters Association International

(aka National Songwriters Association)

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