Phil Vassar's Noel Album Review

phil noelPhil Vassar's new holiday album “Noel” is a striking balance between smooth and festive. Phil opens the album with “Doesn't Feel Like Christmas Without You”
this song mesmerizes you with it's very soft and jazzy feel. Hard to believe that this album was cut in just one day that in itself speaks highly of a man who
not only believes in music, he portrays it in every song he sings.
Track 3 definitely shows what a talented an gifted artist Phil Vassar is by writing “I Saved Christmas” the night before the album was cut.
There is a well balance of the original Christmas carols that we all have grown to love “O Come All Ye Faithful”, “Away in a Manger” and “What Child is This” –
it reminds me and takes me back to the true feeling of Christmas. Phil and co-producer Dane Bryant have simply managed to bring Christmas alive in this album.
The album features 5 classics and 5 new songs that showcase the often jazzy, piano-playing style that is the core of who Phil is as an artist.
Phil and Ray Benson get you moving with a very upbeat “Big Ole Texas Christmas.” It has been a dream of Phil's to have Ray sing with him on this album.
Phil shifts his style slightly with”Santa's Gone to Hollywood”, a fun filled song portraying the life of Santa after he wins the power ball lottery.
Overall I sense that Phil was trying to keep this album as classic as he could with less of the new and bringing back the old, I find this album breathtakingly
beautiful, well written, with a sense of cabaret and romanticism at it's finest, soft on the ears and a wonderful attribute to what Christmas is all about.
Lynette D Lorenz
In all area's, Vocals, Production, Musicianship, Lyrics, Melody and Originality I would give this album
a 6, job well done in all area's