Matt Rogers Richest Place on Earth Album Review

Matt Rogers album Richest Place On Earth is entertaining and fun. He has a way with words. His sound is that of traditional country music.Richest Place On Earth presents more slow songs, but they are all well balanced in the sense of fun beats and great sounds.
Rogers showcases a lot of energy through his songs and they each tell a story of love, life, and loss. Not only does he perform songs he also writes them. He has received awards from CMT and Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).
Richest Place On Earth has many great songs, the one that stands out to me the most is “Britches”. This song talks about life. I think most of us can relate to having that family member that you can talk to. The one that would bend the rules for you. He talks about his grandpa and for me, it was my dad. I remember him letting us drive on his lap when we were little. It really is a song about how the little things aren’t really that little in the greater scheme of things. This song really speaks to the heart.
Another song that I really enjoyed is “Forgetting You Was Fun”. This song is energetic and fun. He talks about traveling and drinking to forget about the girl he lost. I like how he mentions specific cities and states to really get the audience to picture all the places being traveled to. This song just explains how fun it can be to get over someone. I think it gives an amusing twist to a break-up.
Matt Rogers is a singer song writer who has worked with big names such as Cole Swindell and Michael Ray. He made it onto the NSAI Top-40 list. He is a Georgia native and loves to sing and write about southern charms. Rogers really shows off his southern roots on this album, while reaching out to country music lovers from all over.
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