Ben Rue’s Back to the Nights Album Review

Ben Rue is a country music artist who finds inspiration from many of country music’s best, such as George and Garth. His new project Back to the Nights is filled with great sound and fun stories.

Every song made me think of the country music sound I grew up with. This isn’t a sound you hear much anymore so I really enjoyed his work. His music takes me back to country music before pop-country.

There is a good balance between the energetic fast paced songs and the slower softer songs. “Out on The Town” makes me think of much-needed date nights. Sometimes you just need to let go and let loose out on the town. It’s up beat and fun. This song, I believe, showcases Rue’s love for country music.

He adds a little extra spunk towards the end that isn’t found within the rest of the songs. “I Hate Chevys” stands out to me as well. Throughout the song, we can hear echoes and I think this brings something fun to the project. It is interesting how the song relates a Chevy truck their relationship. I think this is a song many people will love.

Ben Rue is open about song writing and his passion for country music. He plays the guitar, which he learned while he was in college. He worked with his family on a grass seed farm starting at age 11. He has two loves in the world music and baseball. He moved to Nashville, TN shortly after he returned home from college. He auditioned on the first season of The X-Factor and made it into the top 80. He uses his music to tell stories and connect with his fans. His music is enjoyable and brings back the sound of Country that I grew up loving.

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Review by Taraya Harvey

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