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Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Presented in the style of Americana Goth Country, this is my first time hearing of this style or genre. You’ll find six extremely talent musicians who wanted to present something untouched by pitched shifting electronic devices and computer software that manipulates the sounds and texture. Why? Because it should be kept real from time to time and there should be a sour note once in a while and a note off key every now and again.

That’s what makes it so cool. It’s real and untouched yet pretty darn nice. Not that you’ll find many notes off key or sour to the ear but it’s nice to hear real, unblemished music with minimal editing from a pitch machine.

Each artist on this collection is well versed in lyrically madness and musical transcendence. Each with a diverse yet comparable gift of artistry. It is simple yet elegant, serene yet passionate. “Dark Corners” is a collage of masterful talent.

The story follows the life of a sea captain who gave up everything for a life on the sea. As he gives up his life on land to pursue this life’s dream of sailing the sea he has mixed emotions of loneliness and missing his partner. After struggling with the many temptations of the choices he made he then wonders if it’s really his decision to go back or not. The question lingers….has he waited to long or has the sea become his final journey?

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Goodnight” is mellow with outstanding harmonies. It’s telling us about being tired of the distance in a relationship, life. Lyrics….”I’m sick of goodnight from oceans away”….distance is a tiring thing. Superb percussion and synth accompaniments.

“Alone” begins with a subtle hint of piano, and deep moving bass drums. The harmonies are tight and smooth with exotic texture. It expresses the subtle hint of it being ok to be alone. The implied is there. Missing…..desire to know someone more….not just…being….alone. Nicely done.

“Thirty Nine” starts out with a wild metamorphic tone and then leads in to an acoustic vocal and guitar. The background harmony brings in a feeling of being in a kaleidoscope. With mesmerizing colors all around you. I think I heard the ocean?

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This album is dark yet has a light that filters through within the lyrics and the instrumentation. The harmonies are solid and sweet and set the album apart.

Produced by John Vanderslice of Spoon, Death Cab and others, and who also performed on “Goodnight” this album was recorded at Tiny Telephone Oakland on to 2 inch tape, was then mixed to ½ tape, and stayed analog 100% . Benie Grundman of Prince, Purple Rain and Ryan Adams Heartbreaker Reissue mastered this album.

This album was released in June of this year, 2017 and includes an amazing group of artists. On lead guitar Marc Ford – Black Crowes/Ben Harper.Magpie Salute, on bass, acoustic, electric guitars and piano the awesome Elijah Ford. Jason Slota on drums, Rob Shelton with unbelievable synths, and rounding out this superb group Kels and Jess from Von Strantz with cello and background vocals.

This album is unique and different in that it displays our true desire to be “real” and it tells a story that even though is about a sea captain lost in his own loneliness and indecision, it could be any of us in our own journey through the sea of life, sometimes running aground, sometimes tired of hearing goodbyes and yet still yearning for a subtle touch of home.

For more information of the group check out the links below and enjoy your own sea fairing journey.

Twitter: @justcraigmusic
Insta: itsjustcraigofficial

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