Bailey James “Kiss Me Goodbye” Single Review

Bar Frog Music recording artist Bailey James is continuing her exciting year with full force. James has already shown us her spunky side. Now we are getting to hear her in new light with her new single “Kiss Me Goodbye.” 


Bailey has proven time and time again that she has sophisticated vocals well beyond her years. This song is slower than what we are used to hearing from James, but she still has her sass at full swing. The guitar riffs are spot on as expected, and they pair perfectly to her beautiful voice. Her vocal range isn’t the only thing showing experience; her story telling has grown too with this female anthem. With lines including “Tell me I’m your one and only.” We know she’s talking about a love that not many people at her age have felt.

Written by James, Shelby Lee Lowe and Jeanie McQuinn, “Kiss Me Goodbye” was produced by Jeffery Teague and is the first release off an upcoming project which is slated to be released this year. 

Bailey James has had a busy year. With her Top 40 hit, “Run Girl,” a ever-growing performance run, and interviewing; “Kiss Me Goodbye” is giving her more momentum for things to come. James may be 15, but her vocals and lyrics are making her a favorite for all ages.

“I knew I wanted to release this sort of ‘love song’ because it really captures who I am now,” says the now 15-year-old. “I am growing up and I want my music and my fans to grow with me.” 

She has a genuine heart for others and gets to show this through her work  as The Jason Foundation’s first National Teen Ambassador. James takes pride in the work that they do together.

We are all excited to see what Bailey James will do next.

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Review by Taraya Harvey

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