Neal McCoy: Hard Work Has Always Paid Off

The native of Jacksonville, Texas, said during a phone conversation in June: “It was kind of crazy. Growing up in Texas, you’d think country music was what I listened to the most as a kid, but it wasn’t. I was the youngest sibling, so I was subject to what the older kids were listening to. They were all terrific singers, and they listened to lots of easy […]

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Artist to the Stars, Corey Frizzell Joins Carla Ciuffo & Lindsay Truman For Music Row Corroboree Gallery’s “Untold Stories” Art Exhibit

Music Row based Corroboree Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Untold Stories”, an exhibition presenting select works from Artist to the Stars, Corey Frizzell, Corroboree Gallery owner, Carla Ciuffo, and Photographer, Lindsay Truman, as well as a viewing of authentic tribal Aboriginal artworks. […]

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Walkway of Stars: Questions, Opinions & Solution

It really does not say who wrote the article, but it sure does have some interesting questions that need to be answered, especially the Hall of Fame’s $22M in outstanding debts, and how the Hall wants to expand. In the past several months there have been benefits (All For The Hall) given by artists to support the Hall of Fame, which is good, and I am all for that. If the hall needs capital, then we need to support it. My questions and comments are directed to Hall of Fame Director Kyle Young. […]