The Band Steele Moon In A Mason Jar Album Review

The Band Steele has released their newest project Moon In A Mason Jar. This album is full of must-hear music. It tugs at all your emotions. It makes you want to dance and makes you think about life’s lessons.

The title track “Moon In A Mason Jar” is fun and upbeat. From smooth vocals to the electric guitar it will have you on your feet. The lyrics are catchy and fun. It will have you singing along “I’ll be your hell of a time” and “If you party, we party all day and night.”

“195” is a song about passion and longing. Lyrics such as, “It still feels empty back stage” and “Back to a home that ain’t the same” tug at your heart. This song has a slower melody than “Moon In A Mason Jar” but it is tender and heartfelt.

“Sit Awhile” is another slower song. It’s more of a tear jerker than the other two. I think it really showcases the vocals. “Dry up those tears and free your mind from all those fears” is sung through a husky voice. Leaving you with all the feels.

The Band Steele is made up of Bo Steele and Ben Rubino. The two met in high school that have been playing together since they were young teens. They gained momentum when a video of Bo singing in a hospital waiting went viral. In 2016, Bo was given a role in the motion picture “Life on the Line.” Their 2017 was filled with performing at festivals and 2018 will no doubt be an exciting and eventful year for The Band Steele. We can’t wait to see and hear more.

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Review by: Taraya Harvey

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