The Musical Journey of Bradley Miller

Bradley_Miller_-_bradley_photoBradley Miller is a singer on a mission to bless the world with ministry and singing.
Miller is known for his rich South Carolina baritone and while he has been on various charts
with other songs, now breaks into the world of country gospel music and
Inspirational Christian music with his January 2014 single release of the gospel
hit, The Oar, written by BMI hit songwriter, Peggy Mercer with music by John Richards of Nashville,

Bradley Miller has been on a musical journey from the time he started talking. He feels his life,
his roots, home, where he is now and where he is going, to be part of a magical journey led by a Divine
unseen hand. “I have always wanted to sing and felt like I had a gift,” says Bradley.
“I’ve always felt anointed to sing and my greatest strength is the Lord.” This belief has sustained
him through difficult times as he pursued a career where thousands live on dreams of making it.
Bradley Miller is a Union, S.C., native who moved frequently as a child
due to his fathers job as a mill worker. He has lived in Mississippi, Virginia and North Carolina.

During the years of moving, music came naturally to him and he was singing in church at an early age. At age 17,
while living in Greenville, Miss., he took guitar lessons from young Steve Azar, before Azar became known for such
hits such as I Dont Have To Be Me (Til Monday). Bradley started singing in clubs at age 21, developed a magnetic stage
presence and was urged to move to Nashville, Tennessee. In 1999, he moved to Nashville, chasing his dream and stayed
there for a number of years before leaving town, like so many and now lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

peggy and brad miller good shot.“I never thought I would see Nashville again,” Bradley says now. “I gave up on ever being a singer. But the Lord intervened.
On Dec. 2, 2003, Bradley Miller accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. This experience changed his lifestyle and revealed
to him his divine calling> “I was inspired or called to use my talents as God-given skills as a singer, songwriter and communicator
to reach other people for Christ.” Miller returned to Nashville, after having met BMI songwriter Peggy Mercer at a book party
for her latest book, in Florida, and being urged by her to cut her gospel song. Said Mercer, “I had held this song close to me, but after
hearing Bradley’s beautiful voice, I knew he could do this song justice.”

Miller’s version of The Oar has been at No. 10 on Cashbox and will go back up on those charts in March and is at N0. 1 on the
Internet fan response chart, IAC MUSIC and being received this week by worldwide radio via radio Airplay Direct. The Oar was
recorded in Nashville at Creative Caffeine Studio with John Constable, engineer, for boomlab productions. The A team included
John Richards, guitar, Austin Bealmar on drums; John Owenby, bass and backup vocals and violin by Michelle Bailey.
The song was produced by Peggy Mercer with mastering by Allen Field, Mountain Music Recording Studio, Franklin, North Carolina.

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