15 Year Old Mary Sarah Wows Crowd During Oak Ridge Boys Concert in Galveston

Last night in Galveston at the Grand 1894 Opera House, 15 Year Old Mary Sarah mesmerized the crowd when the Oak Ridge Boys pulled her up on stage and let her sing an A capella version of Where The Boys Are.
The video explains that the Oak Ridge Boys knew Mary Sarah from “Tweeting” with her on Twitter along with seeing some of her Youtube videos. Mary Sarah received a standing ovation and this video is circulating all over the internet.

Keep your eyes on Mary Sarah, only 15 years old, but as you’ll see from this video, her stage presence is already light years ahead of her age.



To learn more about Mary, visit her website at MarySarah.com, and you can follow her on Twitter @MarySarahMusic.
by Jessica Northey


  1. OMG. What a talent. I can only imagine how she would sound with an orchestra behind her on that song. What a voice God has blessed her with. I never heard one iota of a missed pitch or and kind of error. That’s hard to do. And she nailed it. I wish her the best of the best.

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