Dianna Corcoran Brings Australian Flavor To Country Radio

DiannaCorcoran-PressPhoto1Australian-born songstress and guitar player, Dianna Corcoran is set to release her debut stateside single, “God Did Good” on Sept. 8.  Dianna, who is one of Australia’s most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents, is bringing her critically acclaimed Australian voice to radio around the United States.

Dianna’s look is fresh and country, but her attitude is hard working.  Her ability to breakdown and rebuild a motor engine proves she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty.

As a young adult, Dianna’s first interest in country music came in yodeling.  After finishing high school, she worked three jobs, which were in recruitment, a dog food factory and a car parts plant, where she saved enough money to make her first record.

Now, with over 400 awards, two multi-award winning albums and two Australian Country Music Golden Guitar Awards under her belt, Dianna is no stranger to success in the Country format in Australia. She has also worked with The Australian Defense Force and deployed three times to perform for troops serving in Afghanistan and Egypt.

The new, upbeat love song “God Did Good” was written by Dianna Corcoran, Kristian Bush and Jeff Cohen and produced by Dianna at Ocean Way, Warner and Fool On The Hill studios in Nashville, Tenn. “God Did Good” goes to Country radio the week of Aug. 17 via PlayMPE and is currently available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. A music video will follow the single release, and will be available in the coming weeks.

Of the new music, Dianna comments, “I’m so proud of the stories that I’m telling on this album, and can’t wait to sing them to the American people who so famously share my love of Country Music.”

In addition to the forthcoming single and music video, Dianna will debut her first American album release on January 29, 2016. The album, In America, is now available for pre-sale and is released on New York label Krian Music Group, and distributed by Universal Music. Dianna was signed to Krian Music Group in April of 2015.

Of the project, Krian Music Group President, Frank Liwall stated, “Dianna’s exactly the type of artist we look for; she’s talented, creative, and connected to her fan base. She understands the value of teamwork, and is committed to working together with us on a marketing and promotion plan that keeps her engaged with, and grows her audience reach.”

In America features 12 original tracks, all produced by Dianna, except for “Hold On Lover,” which was produced by Kristian Bush.  Dianna is already establishing herself a name as a songwriter.  She has written with some of Nashville’s finest writers, including Trey Bruce, Kristian Bush, Gary Burr, Jeff Cohen, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and many others.

Track Listing:

1. God Did Good (Dianna Corcoran, Jeff Cohen, Kristian Bush)
2. Thank You For Cheating On Me (Dianna Corcoran, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau)
3. Blame Carolina (Dianna Corcoran, Jenn Schott)
4. Therapy (Dianna Corcoran, Trey Bruce)
5. When These Wheels Hit Wheels (Dianna Corcoran, Jeff Cohen, Kristian Bush)
6. Not Ready To Lose (Dianna Corcoran, Gary Burr)
7. Hold On Lover (Dianna Corcoran, Jeff Cohen, Kristian Bush)
8. Feels Like Hollywood (Dianna Corcoran, Andrew Fromm, Brian White)
9. Other Side Of Letting Go (Dianna Corcoran, Blake Bollinger)
10. Ghost In The Passenger Side (Dianna Corcoran, Ben Stennis, Blake Bollinger)
11. Sugar (Dianna Corcoran, Jeff Cohen, James Slater)
12. A Better Me (Dianna Corcoran, Jeremy Spillman)

For more information on Dianna Corcoran, visit her official website atwww.DiannaCorcoran.com and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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