“A Little More Country” by Michael Van and the Movers

Michael Van & The Movers courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Michael Van & The Movers courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Coming to you from the San Francisco Bay Area, Point Richmond CA we have Michael Van and the Movers bringing country music to you with a flare.

The title track “A Little More Country” is a great song about how life moves and sways and how the simple things in life are sometimes the best. The vocals and harmonies are a mix of classic, traditional and modern country. What more could you ask for in a great mix? I loved the mandolin and the richness it brought to the song.

Please enjoy the video for “A Little More Country” here:

Instrumentation on this album is gritty, raw and true country music at it’s best. It’s filled with mandolin, pedal steel, and gives the alternative country feel that seems to be their style.

Bluegrass and foot stomping rock a billy is where I go with “Skeddale Mountain Lullaby.” Loved the harmonies on this one too. The story is traditional to most bluegrass songs. These guys are doing what they love and loving what their doing.

Michael Van & The Movers courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Well I went even farther back in time with “Gettin Drunk On A Monday” as it reminded me of the good ole honky tonks of past years and it had a hint of today’s country with Jason Isbell or Steve Earl.

“Love Me Till Thursday” is a slower tune with great mandolin and guitar licks. The vocals are reminiscent of Dylan but could also draw on Dwight Yoakam just a bit. It is said this song was actually inspired by a true event. It brings home the true authentic talents in the group and begs the question….when do we get to hear more?

Michael Van & The Movers courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This album sets it’s pace on pulling from the lyrics. All well written and bringing rich story lines to entice the listener to want to hear more. From the vocals to the lyrics and on to the talented musicians that perform on this album you get the full package deal.

The last song I reviewed on this album was “Juanita.” A song about a young woman coming to America to try and make a better life for herself . It’s extremely well written and touches on many emotions. The song expresses what so many of us experience every day. Struggles of a hard life and the courage to never give up.

Over all this album is just plain outright good music. It’s brought from a southern feel and expressed with a true desire to give the listener not just good music but something to relate to in their own lives.

What I really mean with “A little more country” is getting back to the richness of the simple things in life, the roots of our music and the simple truths that try to come out with every song.” ~Michael Van~

Members of the group who are sharing such amazing music with us are Michael Van with acoustic guitar and far out vocals, Pete Ahonen on electric guitar, banjo and vocals, Alan Bond tearing up the mandolin, fiddle and vocals. We have Larry Lawson on bass, and Bob Skye pounding out the beats on drums and harmonica. The group presents special guest Mark Berhard Stevenson on the classic steel guitar, with Noah Duvernell and Paul Ohnemus rounding out the crew on drums.

The album was produced, recorded, mixed/mastered and arranged by Michael Van and The Movers at Flying Blue Monkey Studio.

There’s no doubt this is one of the best country albums I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying so far this year. Michael Van & The Movers are sure to be a keeper on your replay list.

For more information on where to catch a show or enjoy more of the groups classic alternative country style please check out the links below.


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