A Busy Week for the Band Sister Hazel: New Music, Performances, and More

Release New EP <i> Wind </i>, Opry Performance and "Lyrics for Life" Benefit Event

The last 7 days have been quite busy for Country Rock group, Sister Hazel. They have released a new EP, performed on the Grand Ole Opry and hosting their annual charity event “Lyrics for Life.”

Last Friday saw the release of their latest EP, Wind, which is the second in a series of four compilations in a larger project called Elements. The first release in the series was Water. Sister Hazel explained that the series of music has given them a broader creative freedom and an ability to bring their fans more new music of a shorter time span. What’s really unique about this collective as that each EP has a minute song called “Elements” as a bonus track and when all are released the four short songs connect to form one masterpiece.

Sister Hazel has always been on the forefront of ingenuity in their music and making their music special for their fans. There new innovative collection for the music is preceded by their “The Rock Boat” cruise collaboration, Hazelnut Hang fan weekends, and Camp Hangout weekends for their “Lyrics for Life” kids and families. Staying connected with their fans and supporting cancer research are two major parts of Sister Hazel’s platform that aligns with their music.

After a full house performance on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the guys hit the road to head home to Gainesville, Florida to host their annual “Lyrics for Life” event this Friday.

This years event is presented by Rich and Carissa Blaser, the evening event will raise funds for the non-profit charities Lyrics for Life’s Camp Hazelnut and Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation as well as with all Lyrics For Life events, STOP Children’s Cancer in Gainesville, FL. Attendees have the opportunity to browse a star-studded silent auction, featuring items from some of the music industry’s biggest names. This year, the auction features 12 lyric-inspired pieces from artists including Sir Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Toby Keith, and James Taylor. Lyrics for Life also brings special guest performances; this year by Javier Colon, The Voice Season one winner, and Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon. 

“Last year’s Lyric’s for life event in Gainesville was a huge success and this year we are raising the bar again,” said lead singer, Ken Block. “The excitement level around this one is absolutely off the charts. We are creating an intimate and high-energy evening dedicated to celebrating life as we raise awareness and money for cancer research. We’re here to help people deal with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis from all sides. This year, along with Sister Hazel, we’ll have multi-platinum selling artist Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon and season one winner of  NBC’s “The Voice” – the incredible Javier Colon. Then to top things off, we’ll be doing a special Tom Petty tribute set in memory of Gainesville’s own Rock-n-Roll Hall of fame legend. It’s going to be a powerful night from start to finish with one of a kind handwritten auction items from artists like Sir Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Toby Keith, and more. Big fun for a serious cause!” 
Camp Hangout is one of the groups favorite times of year because they get one-on-one time with these kids and they also get to write music with them and then perform it for all at the end of the weekend.
With over 20 years of music and touring as a band, Sister Hazel is still making music and brightening their fans’ days with each music note, charitable cause and social response. The band said they prefer to use Facebook to stay connected with their fans because it is easier to create a dialogue and on-going conversation. Like all bands that last the test of time their are ups and downs and Sister Hazel shared some advice for younger bands about how to successful stay together and strong for as long as they have:
“Pick your battles, because months down the road you will forget what you were even fighting about. You have to have a good sense of humor. You have to learn how to collaborate in a healthy way. Earn each other’s respect and trust each others strengths. Finding the balance between everyone’s strengths and weaknesses is key. And overall we can’t reiterate enough you have to have a good sense of humor and be humble towards each other. It goes a long way.”
Sister Hazel is currently on tour for their latest EP Wind in the project collection Elements. Be on the look out for the next to over the next year.

To find out more about their tour dates, charity efforts and more visit Sister Hazel at:

SisterHazel.comFacebook.com/SisterHazel | Twitter & IG: @SisterHazelBand
Story by Amanda Andrews
Photos Courtesy of Kaylor Promotions

About Lyrics For Life:

Lyrics For Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to make a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer. Sister Hazel frontman, Ken Block, and his band mates founded Lyrics For Life in memory of Ken’s younger brother, Jeffrey, who ultimately lost his four-year battle with cancer that started at age 14. The charity unites musicians and celebrities for concert events, auctions, and other fundraising efforts. The monies raised are donated to groups that are working to find a cure, as well as those aiming to enrich the lives of patients and their families. From research to summer camps and family support groups, we are surrounding this disease and conquering it from every angle. Artists participate in many ways, often by donating handwritten lyrics to one of their songs on anything from a simple sheet of paper to a surfboard to some other unique item, which we offer for auction at one of our Lyrics For Life events. Our team of musicians, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters set high goals for the future. We accept the challenge to find new ways of raising money and awareness and to help make each day a little brighter until there is a cure.  http://www.lyricsforlife.org/

About Camp Hazelnut: 

Decades of familiar, happy faces cover the walls in the dining hall of Camp Crystal Lake outside Gainesville, FL. Kids around the U.S. have been spending summers there for as long as anyone can remember, so when the Camp’s Director, Scott Burton, got word to the band that he would love to collaborate on an event, everyone loaded up the car and headed out for a visit. The conversation started simply as a family-focused Sister Hazel fan event—a weekend “summer camp” retreat with activities, bonfires, cabins, and, of course, music. When Sister Hazel decided to also invite some regional kids with cancer and their families, the idea took on a whole new meaning, and the weekend turned out to be far more powerful than anyone first imagined: so much so, that they decided to center future Camp Hazelnut events around these special kids and families. The Camp Hazelnut goal is simple: create a playful, safe, uplifting experience for kids and families navigating the overwhelming challenges of a cancer diagnosis. It’s a place to simply get away and come together. The campers embark on a great exploration to discover (or rediscover!) the magic that can only be created at summer camp, and the band is right there alongside them every step of the way, leading activities, playing acoustic campfire sing-alongs, sharing, giggling, and having a blast. http://www.lyricsforlife.org/camp-hazelnut

About The Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) Foundation:

The Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) Foundation provides financial support to qualified cancer patients in the state of Florida for expenses such as rent or mortgage, car payments and utility bills. By giving patients peace of mind in knowing that their bills are being paid while they are undergoing treatment, the FCS Foundation allows them to concentrate on what really matters – fighting cancer.
Due to the generosity of the Florida Cancer Specialists partner physicians in covering all overhead expenses for the Foundation, 100% of donations received go directly towards paying the essential non-medical living expenses of an adult battling cancer. The Foundation is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization and located at 5204 Paylor Lane in Sarasota, Florida. Learn more about the FCS Foundation at: Foundation.FLCancer.com or call 941.677.7181.

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