A New STEP For Nashville

With the majority of Music City being dominated by country music, sometimes people need something completely cutting edge and inventive to get ones attention. St. Patrick’s Day, unveiled an underground scene, which is growing day by day. The scene is Dubstep. Last Saturday featured one of Dubstep’s première artists Excision at Limelight nightclub.


Insomniac/Ultimo and Bassrush put on the concert, which are two predominate event coordinators in the electronic music scene. Excision stopped in Nashville, while touring on the Excision X tour filling in smaller cities to show how real Dubstep is supposed to sound like. The concert also featured other significant artist in the Dubstep community, such as Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger.


The event was swarmed with college students and the occasional site of the middle aged working class, who thrive on the heart pounding, wobble bass piercing through their ears song after song. With the Dance/electronic music scene growing more people will become more attuned to this obscure indifferent genre of music.


Insomniac/Ultimo and Bassrush are what make a conventional concert become an astonishing show like no other. The event featured a state of the art X Video wall and a custom PK sound system, which is ideal for heavy bass lines and unwieldy drum samples. An engrossing artist by the name Liquid Stranger, helped kick off the event with a compilation of Latin, Reggae and Dubstep/House music.


The overall vibe of the event was very blissful and ecstatic. With heavy Drum n’ Bass filtered with high level grimy basslines, it would make anyone want to scream and shout. More Dubstep DJ’s popping up in the Dance/Dubstep scene, will only make for new eager ears and more excited fans at this style of concerts. Music City will soon not only be well known for country, but also for electronic music catering to those die hard fans who crave pugnacious music.

Story by: Harrison Baker


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  1. when will there be more dubstep coming…just moved here from chicago
    anything in july 2012?

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