A New Twist on an Old Tradition


What do you get when you cross deep old school bluegrass and aggressive hip-hop? You get the commencing sound of Gangstagrass. Gangstagass is a unique New York band with an original sound of modern hip-hop and Bluegrass. The band recently played at the notorious Springwater Supper Club on 27th Avenue N. By contorting different styles of music, Gangstagrass brings in new listeners to the Bluegrass community as well as hip-hop. They are a prime example of pushing the envelope to drive musicians outside of their normal boundaries.


The show also featured some of Nashville’s predominate artist such as Charles Butler and associates, Openmic Mcgahan, Ron Dee, Music City Soul Dancers and the bold, yet eye-opening Deep Fried 5. With so many Bluegrass/Country music acts around, the mixing of hip-hop and rap into the fire, not only gives new life to a traditional style of bluegrass, but also entices different levels of listeners.


The band’s leader and soul is Rench, whom is an accomplished all around musician. He favors different styles of music ranging from a beat with an electronic drum machine, to songs with a more time-honored style of folk pedal steel guitars. Gangstagrass’s other central constituent is T.O.N.E.Z, which adds the urban style rap into the habitual resonance of bluegrass, which gives Gangstagrass their signature sound.


Gangstagrass major hit “Long Hard Times To Come” was featured on the attained show Justified in 2010. This brought Gangstagrass to a new level and made an impressionable mark for new music genres. By adding two diverse sub-genres of music and mixing them both together, makes for a stimulating and pleasant sound.


This Brooklyn based band has more to offer than an innovative vibe. With catchy songs such as “I Go Hard”, ”Long Hard Times” and “I’m Gonna Put You Down,” offers an array of songs to please anyone who has an ear for great music. By molding different genres of popular music together will only make this dynamic band more innovative and intriguing.  If you are expecting an upbeat and thought-provoking concert with a little thrust behind it, then Gangstagrass is the group for you.


Story and Photos by: Harrison Baker

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