ACTS Nashville Addresses Problems with Veterans and Legends

Eddie Rhines, President of Acts Nashville Talent Agency, has decided to address the problem of many legendary and veteran artists: not getting the attention they deserve concerning live performance dates. Rhines noted that talent agencies today seem to have forgotten that these artists still have vibrant fan bases and are still very viable in today’s performance venues.

No disrespect to the younger talent agents of today, but many just do not know the historical importance of these artists, and they lose a great deal of revenue for their respective talent agency by not making buyers and venues aware of the great names in country music that are still available for personal appearances.

Rhines has put together a group of experienced talent agents who will specialize in promoting these artists. New country radio may have opted to drop these legendary artists from their play lists, no matter how strong their fan bases are, but Acts Nashville looks to ensure those same legends continue performing nonetheless.

The team that Acts Nashville has assembled is filled with years of experience in the past, present and the future with over 200 years of collective knowledge and booking experience. The agents include Lee Shields, Marty Martel, Dick McVey, George Mallard, Tina Register, Jan Braun and Jim Couch.
Acts Nashville services all buyers, venues, fairs, festivals, private parties, and international appearances- including developing package shows for all occasions. Headquartered in Nashville, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Tyler, Texas, the agency will be geared to work in all genres of music and will be adept at buying and selling talent.

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