Airy Jeanine releases ‘’Mama’s Girl” official music video

AIRY JEANINE is a rising star. The emerging teenage singer-songwriter-actress has released the official music video for her debut song “Mama’s Girl”, launched on the Kmina Entertainment label.

Combining live-action and abstract styling effects, the thematic video for the rhythmic Pop song already can be viewed on YouTube, Vimeo, and assorted outlets. It will be integral in establishing, and to popularize in the development of an expanding full-scale marketing strategy. The video promotion campaign spearheaded by HIP Video Promo, aligns with a push underway to build worldwide exposure via multiple media platforms and venues.

The official Airy Jeanine “Mama’s Girl” music video from Kmina Entertainment on Vimeo.

Consumers can purchase Airy Jeanine’s catchy new song online from any of hundreds of digital retailers including, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

Radio audiences in cities nationwide are already getting turned on to the up and coming entertainer from airplay on a growing list of stations in secondary markets, as she moves to make an impact in the major markets.

On the music production front, a network of hit music makers, producers, songwriters, musicians, and engineers, who have worked on songs for Grammy and American Music award winners and nominees continue to work with her on her debut album. She is refining her performing repertoire. Aiming to be precise, she is collaborating with a choreographer on routines to be incorporated in upcoming performances.

“So much of my time is spent being creative,  it’s all second nature for me. I really love being able to do what I do, everyday”  ~Airy Jeanine

She is on the right track, charting a journey into a brilliant future that is unfolding with great promise.
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About Airy Jeanine:

AIRY JEANINE is a skilled multi-instrumentalist. With a performing repertoire that is precise and focused, she is on course to a future that is unfolding with great promise. The blossoming performers’ inclinations began in her formative years, participating in ballet and acting, and later incorporating music and singing as a part of her early interests. She continues to develop and is perfecting her artistry with sights on the upper echelon of popular entertainers. Aligned with an all-star production and marketing team, she is on a mission to create and unveil a body of work that explores various facets of life experiences from her youthful and keenly perceptive vantage point. Ariana Grande, Adele, Passenger, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, and Miley Cyrus are among her musical influences. She expresses a connection with such artists contributing to her evolving song mastery that is destined to give her Pop acclaim as she distinguishes herself. In pursuit of her dream, as a songwriter she is passionate about the words she puts to her songs. Her vocal styling is deftly united with complementary music that will satisfy the appetite of craving young audiences. She hopes to inspire with her songs and performances, with a goal to reach and touch tens of millions of people.

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