Album Review: Trenched “Doves of War”

The Vegas based alternative/punk rock band has recently released “Doves of War” an emotionally charged musical masterpiece.  The unique sound of Trenched resonates with today’s social climate. 

Hop on the “Wild Rides and Alibis” a hard driving bass and drum line dominates the intensity of the passion of the song…”That’s me and you and you and I will stay together till we die. Till the oceans dessert dry, till the stars fall from the sky, like the twinkling in your eye, I’ll love you babe till I die”….and the response…”I’ve never been the one who cheats, I’m just the one who’s asked to leave.” “A Nation of Runaways”, has a great metallic guitar hook, with a powerful message. “Step into the Shadows” is a scary wanting of perhaps what is soon to come…”So is it wrong to have bad dreams and do bad things to bad, bad people?”, the track asks…The album even examines “Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll.” 

The 16-track album is a catalyst to an orgasmic sense of spirituality that elevate you out of the painful emotional cycles of mortal love and the planets climate. It’s a sublime and riveting representation of a confident flamboyance embracing joy in contradictions of love in all it’s forms. I believe the album is a representation of the oddest passions and frailty holding a mirror up to the old persuasive human weaknesses of insecurity and jealousy.

Trenched certainly paints a colorful canvas of dazzle and spirit. Reminiscent of punk rock when it first emerged, Trenched is quirky in the best possible way. It reminds me of glam rock reinvented fused with rhyme and gothic metal. The music is filled with drama, and is Fluorescently addicting, captivating, and idiosyncratic…..

5/5 Stars

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Review by Eileen Shapiro 

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