Award winning performer, songwriter and recording artist, Dani-elle Kleha, released her second single, “Head For Home,” from well received EP “Runnin’ On Dreams” to radio. The music is available on PlayMPE as well as all digital platforms here.

“I knew that I had to release “Head for Home” as the next single from the EP “Runnin’ On Dreams” because I just know it is a song that so many people are going to be able to connect to on so many levels,” reflects Dani-elle Kleha. “I am all about making as big of an impact as I can through my music, and I hope that this song does just that.”

“Dani-Elle’s plaintive vocals drive this soul-searching ballad and truly evoke the deep questions to the listener,” expressed produced, Chip Martin. “Her obvious experience and pain is clear and present, and resonate straight to the heart.”

“Head For Home” is a heartfelt song that everyone of any age can really relate to. This is one of those songs that flowed out during the writing process. In every person’s life there are ups and downs and the lyrics of this particular song defines how we all go through the process. Dani-elle and her mom were hit by a drunk driver in a car accident and she still has a tough time dealing with the emotions from that.  Sitting at the piano one day the thoughts started flowing from the accident. No one thinks they will be in a terrible accident or thinks about having to figuring out how to deal with the mental challenges one endures. The answer is really about surrounding yourself with the right people and simply “Heading Home” to regroup. Dani-elle wanted this to be a message of knowing it’s alright to not be ok all of the time and a strong reminder that you are not the only person who goes through it. whether it be a breakup, loss of a loved one or just dealing with life.  The song has had a great connection with her Positive Youth Tour in a powerful way that only music can. The goal is to change a lot of lives and touch many hearts with this song.

Dani-elle continues to promote her last single “Get Back Up” released in April 2018, a song that inspired her Positive Youth Tour, a series of live shows performed at schools in Pennsylvania’s Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties, where the concerts include segments during which Dani-elle speaks to students about following their dreams, bullying, and self-worth.

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