Bellamy Brothers Flash Mobbed By Thousands While on Media Tour in Europe

Thousands in Germany, Switzerland and Austria Organize International Flash Mob in Support of New Bellamy Brothers, D.J. Ötzi Release


Last week while media blitzing Europe in support of their new release with German pop star D.J. Ötzi, country music’s legendary duo, the Bellamy Brothers, made history when they were simultaneously flash mobbed in three separate cities in GermanySwitzerland and Austria.

 European fans and dance clubs organized the massive flash mob, set to the tune of the new Bellamy, Ötzi tune, “Like A Star.” The flash mob was heavily promoted internationally throughout Europe via Facebook and Twitter.

The end result was thousands upon thousands of Bellamy Brothers and D.J. Ötzi fans (all stationed in public locations in BerlinZurich and Vienna), boot scootin’ in perfect sequence to the new hit song featured on the recently released, D.J. Ötzi & the Bellamy Brothers: Simply The Best (Universal Music Germany).

“We were in Berlin rehearsing for a television performance when we heard about the mob,” says David Bellamy. “We drove over and were in complete awe of how many people were singing and dancing to ‘Like A Star’ in perfect sequence.”

Howard Bellamy notes, “The coolest part of the flash mob was that it was happening not only where we were in Berlin but also in Switzerland and Austria at the exact same time. We were told we set some sort of world record but we’re still waiting on specifics.”

Watch clips of the international flash mob HERE.

D.J. Ötzi & the Bellamy Brothers: Simply The Best features Ötzi and the Bellamys singing together on some of their biggest hits, as well as several American classics.  Tracks include, “Crossfire,” “The Gambler,” “Islands In The Stream” and “Sweet Caroline,” among others. The album is currently available for purchase throughout Europe.

Since releasing the album last month, several tracks, as well as the album itself, have consistently remained in the Top 20 downloads of the national German Download Chart.

About the Bellamy Brothers:

Throughout their 35+ year career, the multi-platinum selling Bellamy Brothers have charted 14 #1 Hits on the US country and pop music charts.   Hits like “Let Your Love Flow,” “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me),” “Redneck Girl,” and “Old Hippie” helped to make the brothers household names.  Today, their seamless harmonies remain perfectly intact as they continue to travel the United States and European tour circuits, performing over 180 dates each year.

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