Bill Anderson’s 72nd Album Release Anderson Album Review

Iconic, legendary, and one of a kind are only a few words that describe Bill Anderson. With his unique voice and songwriting structure, you know his voice the second you hear it. Anderson is Bill’s 72nd album release and that alone is an enormous accomplishment. Since 1985, Bill Anderson has been making waves in the country music scene and opening doors for so many people in the process. Throughout his career, he has been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as the Grand Ole Opry.

Although Anderson’s is known as “Whisperin Bill” his voice speaks volumes.

With his seven number one singles and twenty-nine top ten singles, nobody can argue with the fact that Bill Anderson is one of the most influential and iconic artists in music history. As if there weren’t already so many accomplishments that highlighted Anderson, he is the only songwriter in the history of country music to have an entry on the charts for seven consecutive decades.

This eleven track album is nothing short of excellence. With each song taking you on a breathtaking, emotional songwriting journey, you can’t help but instantly be captivated while listening to the record. From beginning to end, you can recognize that he poured his heart and soul into this.

The opening song “Old Things New” definitely will make you emotional. The raw vulnerability is absolutely beautiful. While listening to this track, you can truly appreciate the raw and stripped down feel. He reminisces about the past in a way that I had never heard before and gives you a new perspective when looking back on past experiences.

As a young adult still figuring the world out, another song that stood out to me was “Everybody Wants to Be Twenty-One” as it truly hit home. Anderson recognizes the struggles of growing old, as well as wanting to be young again. “Young wish they were older, and the old wish they were young. Everybody wants to be twenty-one.” This song features country star and songwriter Jamey Johnson.

The storytelling throughout this entire record is truly one of a kind and after seventy-two albums, Bill Anderson proves that he still lives up to the tremendously high expectations that he set for himself. With this album set to release September 14th, it is sure to bring just as much joy as each of the previous releases.

Review by Grace Ferrell

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