Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz With “Of All These Things”

In 2002 Eric met up with Mark at one of Mark’s show’s in Pasadena. At that time Eric was 37 and studying to be a psychoanalyst. He had never worked or done anything with music before. Thoughts of singing and finding someone to assist him while he worked on cover songs had popped into his mind and after meeting with Mark the idea of writing originals and working together came to mind. That’s how it all began.

Mark was pretty much a well established performer and had worked on several studio projects and performed as a live solo artist at the time he met Eric so this was a great match from the get go and beginning in 2002 this duo was off to a super start.

They wrote over fifty songs together and these songs would help to create the songs on four CD’s that Eric would release as a solo artist over the next four years. Those four albums are “Not At One” in 2003, “Songs For Wayward Dogs” in 2004, “More Regrets” 2005, and “Tethered To The Ground” in2006.

Shortly after Eric took a short time away from the industry to get married and start a family. He then returned in 2011 with Marks help and they co-wrote two main songs for “Remains In Me” (2011) and “Genocide and Justice.”

After another short five year break Eric released “Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders” in 2016, a project comprised of mostly both Anders and O’Bitz’s songs.

“This kind of studied, literate songwriting is a gift given to the listener—one that surprises, challenges, questions and gratifies you every time you hear it, Anders is as engaging a singer and musician as he is a writer. [Not At One] is a highly recommended release and one of the most finished, self-possessed and driven DIY releases we’ve heard in a long, long time.”- Performing Songwriter

This collection is a great duo project as it includes light country rock tunes like “Eyes of Your Loves” and a colorful folk seasoned tune called “Together Must Be Found.”

This is our quote from 2016 when I first reviewed Eric Anders. “Folk artist Eric Anders has released an outstanding collection of some of the most beautiful and meaningful songs for 2016…. Best of the best … is what we would give this new collection….”- Sherryl Craig,Nashville Music Guide

Another song in the collection with a genuine folk feel seasoned up with a hint of rock is “Look Into The Sun.” Very nicely done. Anders then fascinates us with his hypnotizing voice on “Found My Way Home.”

“In just his second full-length album, Eric Anders is already being touted as one of the best singer/songwriters of today. Upon hearing More Regrets, you realize that this praise is definitely warranted.” – Greg Howell, AntiMusic

Artists performing on this collection are Eric Anders, singer/songwriter and Mark O’Bitz, guitarist and composer. This album falls in to what I think is Eric’s all time niche, Americana and Folk. This album was produced and mixed by Jeff Peters at The Pie Studios in Pasadena California and assisted by Beau Floch. The cover art is courtesy of Ileana Hernandez.

Currently the duo are working on their next album called “Ghosts of Ancestors” and I look forward to hearing it. Once again I have to give Eric Anders a huge 5 stars for this new release and his duo partner gets a huge 5 stars as well. 

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