Rock Artist Ben DeLaurentis Releases New Album Titled “Liar For A Muse”

Based in Lynchburg, VA singer/songwriter and founder of the rock group Steal The Prize, Ben DeLaurentis has recently released a new collection for his solid following of fans. This album was also produced by DeLaurentis and includes 10 tracks.

“I’ve produced and released 3 full length records with a band and this is my first solo album. I played almost every instrument on the album and did all of the mixing in a modest home studio. Spent countless hours on it and it is very personal to me. It was my first time undertaking everything alone.” – Ben DeLaurentis

Ben is another one of those naturals. He has this pure essence inside that gives him the ability to take a fresh clean canvas and create a masterpiece. “Liar For A Muse”…I believe is one of those masterpiece creations.

“As Good As It Gets” is the first track on this collection. It’s simple yet full and inviting. I love the easy flow and message impressed with the lyrics. Vocals are true and balanced and the harmonies are gold. This mid-tempo folk/rock song is a great opening song for the album.

Making his home base in Lynchburg Virginia, this smooth rocking artist is sure to be a big hit with music lovers. He began honing his love of music while in middle school and over the years has perfected it with his own unique sound, super powerful live performances and of course four albums.

The piano intro on “One Woman Man” is warm and inviting as is the soft violin. The lyrics again express emotions of love and relationships. Could it be that we would describe this album as a love story collection? Maybe….yes. It is most assuredly about a true love.

Ben’s music has been described as smooth and sultry, soothing and nostalgic, and holding a cool vibe. I would like to add to those and say at times his impressions are intimate, soulful, and seem to reach deep within the emotions of the listener. Your going to relate to each song no matter the situation. He plays every instrument, sings, and the entire collection embraces the listener, placing you right there with him.

“Whatever Side of Me” also has a nice country rock feel at the beginning. I enjoyed the acoustic guitar and the story behind the song is another one that so many can relate to.

The arrangements are right on solid in tone and mix the melody to each song lingers with you. It’s a collection of love songs, it’s a jamming collection that makes you move and it tells not just one story but many, especially if you listen closely.

The last track I chose is called “Half Hearted Love.” The soft but solid electric guitar sounds filled the melody with balance and the bass and percussion all brought it together. Once again I enjoyed the harmonies and the vocals. It seems he really enjoys what he’s doing and for me that makes it just…excellent.

I think Ben expresses what so many of us who know love, heartbreak and desire feels sometimes when the relationship has gone south or maybe is strained or maybe even when we just need to express unconditional love. The storytelling is smooth and timeless and the ease of his presentation makes it all come together.

The stories in each song take you through a topsy-turvy love story from beginning to end and even so I don’t think he would have it any other way. The album feels accomplished and polished with pure emotions.

This album would fit nicely in the styles of rock, Americana and Folk, with a little bit of Soul in the mix. His style is similar to artists such as Jason Isbell, Ed Sheeran, and Delta Spirit.

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