Vermont Native Eric George Releases His Eighth Album “Where I Start”

A native of Burlington, folk-rock singer/songwriter Eric George is truly one of a kind. His music is incredibly genuine. His lyrical eloquence is superb and illuminates the depth of each song. His collection spans several years and 8 albums. He is style of folk music is now a staple in the genre.

This Vermont based performer is also a sound engineer and prolific singer/songwriter of poetry and original music. His American folk style of music has made a name for him in and around his home and community.

His work spans various genres from the inviting Appalachian ballads to punk rock, to innovative folk, as he breathes life into the deep-rooted art of storytelling.

The first track on this album is “Where I Start” and the intro is a very easy going and mellow intro that introduces warm and inviting harmonies and interesting lyrics.

“Found Out” begins with a folk-rock sound, smooth and creamy, filled with nice guitar riffs.

One of the things I really enjoyed when I listened to Eric’s music is the grace and simplicity of how he can take a three cord ballad arrangement and create a magical story all played out in your mind as you listen. It’s like being caught magical world all your own, each song, totally different, yet connected.

I very much enjoyed the intro of “Long Time Blossom Soul” with the acoustic sound and again exceptional harmonies. For me it had a slight sixties feel to the music at times, and as a child of the sixties, I very much enjoyed reminiscing on those memories to the song.

The 11 songs on this collection were pulled from notes, longtime written, over 10 years ago. What a treasure awaiting the fans who are looking for lyric gems. For instance in the song “House of Stone”…. how he says…..”When I was born, the stones taught me to speak/now my words are strong/and they are buried deep. “Let me be the stone in the river beneath me/so I can speak strong……” I loved the ebb and flow. It is amazing.

“What Holds The Bone” is awesome and immediately opens with a hot yet cool banjo beat and bright vocals that invite feelings and memories of mountain folk. I could see the family dancing and smiling and enjoying a hoe down in the barn. I couldn’t keep my still, I had to tap along and dance in my chair. This one just went to the top of my list as a favorite.

This album gives the listener a wide variety of tunes that will take you on a wonderful, fun-filled journey through awesome. I enjoyed the balance and easy flow of the music, lyrics, instrumentation. The entire composition from pen to paper, to the vocal eloquence displayed, sets this collection as one of my all-time favorites.

His music has been described as country folk, acoustic folk, delta blues, and Americans. Whatever you may call I know for one thing I call it rich and tasteful and one of the best artists I’ve heard this year.

George appeared here in Lyrics N Legends back in 2017 with “Not About Nightingales”, I was deeply impressed with him then and surely now.


All songs were written and performed by Eric George

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Eric George

Mastered by Jer Coons in Burlington, VT

All instruments played by Eric George except:

Meg Rice (harmonies on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9)

Addie Herbert (harmonies on tracks 1, 5, and 10)

Daisy Castro (violin and cello on tracks 1, 6, and 11)

Kat Wright (vocals on track 11)

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