Ethereal and Inviting Electra Day presents “Quiet Hours”

Credits: Independent Music Promotions
Credits: Independent Music Promotions

Soft, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, and exotic would describe the selections on this CD. Definitely a spiritual journey and a wonderful way to meditate. It is a folk album that would fit perfectly in a New Age genre or Ambient Music genre.

Electra Day, known to family and close friends as Julie Hampton, is set apart from most eclectic artists with her development of the character of each song. Each song is a different character able to stand alone or stand with the collection.

Some of the vocals are little bit rough, raw and edgy others are more smooth and relaxed, defined and strong. All the while accentuating the atmosphere of each song. The lyrics are original, clever and full of depth.

I could see her performing at a spiritual retreat. All the members gathered around with incense filling the air, soothing sounds of water and wind chimes inviting you to receive a healing. Beautiful.

Electra Day courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Electra Day courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Instrumentation on this album is exquisite. The soothing sounds of the guitar are warm and inviting. The mixture of the eloquence vocals and guitar on “Not Against It Or For” is very nice and welcoming.

The texture of her palette and her theme is like a mystery. It entices you to become part of it. “Quiet Hours” is both a personal story and impersonal. The songs were inspired by a journey that spanned over 11 years. From Berlin to the Mojave Desert, back to British Columbia and on to Northern New Mexico and Iowa and spanning the Midwest United States, Electra has captured the essence of a magical journey through life in living color.

Her sound is different and that’s what sets her apart from so many others in the industry. Her sound and her style is her statement. Her music is a statement to the depth and uniqueness of who she is as an entertainer and artist.

I really enjoyed “Big Sky”, It’s unique quality is appealing and alluring. It draws you in making you feel as if you are part of the story itself. Please enjoy “Big Sky below.

If you wanted to place her in a genre or in a collective with other artists you might say she would resonate with Boby Dylan, Kate Wolf and Joni Mitchell, but to put her in a category would not do her justice.

She has been writing poetry and stories since her early college days and began writing songs in 2004 to assist her in a healing process due to issues with her health. In 1994 she began her trek across Europe and stayed in Germany for 12 years where she taught German-to-English translations.

quiet-hours-coverWriting and recording under her pen name Electra Day she holds on to the mystery of the woman who is Julie. Electra was actually the name she should have been given at birth so it only makes sense to use it now to express herself in such refined poetic prose.

The ebb and flow of her lyrics and instrumentation is definitely different and her music may not be for every one but but like a fine wine it comes with good taste.

“Quiet Hours” is a full, deep folk centered collection that will inspire you to use your imagination as you make the same journey she has made through expressions in her songs.

For more information on Julia “Electra Day” you can visit the following sites. This collection was produced by Tim Britton of Pied Piper Productions in Fairfield IA and all instrumentation is Julie Hampton herself. The album is now available and was released in August of 2016.


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