Alabama Folk Rock Group Electric Blue Yonder Releases “False Prophets”

I could not stop listening to this new music. It’s got a vibe and a feel to it that is intoxicating and habit forming. I love the blend and mastery of the guitar, the strings, the soft percussion. “False Prophets” is one of the best songs I’ve reviewed recently.

This is a review for the single “False Prophets” and the artist is Electric Blue Yonder. The group is from Montgomery, Alabama and are on the independent label Infinite Reality Records. This single was recorded at Technical Earth Recorders Studio.

Electric Blue Yonder consists of Johnny Veres, Beth Hataway Veres, and Joseph Johnson, along with Russell Thomas Bush and Sam Pittinos in Montgomery, Alabama. The group is currently touring around the south-east preparing for their first full-length collaboration. Their sound is built on the roots of early Americana, folk, and soft rock, with a rocking country, feel along with that splash of psychedelic that I like so much. Their cosmic and distinctive ambiance shows in the depth, expression, and implementation of their talents.

I would say that they take the listener to a whole new place on the musical spectrum. Their music allows you to be part of the story behind the lyrics. Vocally I hear a warm mix of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. The depth of the music is also a powerful statement to what you will experience live. This is definitely a group you want to experience on that level.

Instrumentally the performance is solid and the following video will show you the caliber of how much fun they really have when performing. Check out “ Rising Tides” for a fun-filled time of what I like to say “family and friends fun.” Harmonies are great in the acoustic of this auditorium. This is called “freedom” with your musical expression. Love it.

Placing a group such as this in a genre or style is so stuffy. I can not place them in one genre. Their music is open, timeless and in twenty years you’ll still say it sounds like a new, fresh, recording.

Their artistic sound is one of those sounds that’s ageless and moves so well between various styles. So…with that, if I had to put them in a particular genre I would say light psychedelic, folk rock with a blues feel. There is even, if you listen closely, a mellow essence of The Doors. The harmonies are tasteful and intoxicating.

Press comments:

Blue Yonder has carved one of the most distinctive musical identities in the capital city, combining Americana, folk, Ameripolitan, and parlor in a way that’s both haunting an exhilarating. Capturing the mood of what a critic Greil Marcus once called “that old, weird America. “ ~Alabama Book Festival~

Defining the kind of music that Blue Yonder fits into is kind of difficult. If there was an “awesomely classical harmonious folksy” genre, that might work. You can truly feel their emotion spilling into their craft and it’s true to their art, beautiful, gritty, haunting, and pure. The lyrics are something special. Honestly, the words could stand on their own, as good a read as any worthy book, but the amazing music compliments them so perfectly, it might rip a hole in the sky if they were separated. ~ Chasing Skye~

The group will be appearing at The Sanctuary November 16th and at Cloverdale Playhouse on the 20th both locations in Montgomery.

For more information on Electric Blue Yonder and where you can catch the next show or purchase their music please visit the following sites:

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