“Good Boy” by Nate Paladino

"Good Boy"by Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
“Good Boy”by Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

At first taste the music reminds me of the late sixties and J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers, the melody reminds me of the hit song, “Last Kiss”, the lyrics on the other hand are definitely current and crisp. “My Kind of Bitch” is out there with the truth about how some relationships are not exactly what you think their going to be. It’s about how people can hurt you and love you at the same time.

Excellent guitar rifts and the lyrics will bring a cute smirk and smile to your face as they tell the truth about love and relationships.

Nate Paladino is bright, imaginative and extremely talented. This is the kind of music that you want to express yourself with when you first start out in life. Maybe at a college dorm party or even when your celebrating a divorce.

This new album, just recently released on November 7th of this year is already an award winner and he may not even know it.

You can enjoy the album streaming on Soundcloud at the private media link here:

“Buy Your Heart” is clear and right on the money. Sometimes we think we have to buy love to have love.

If you had to put him in a classification or genre he would slide into several. His talent ranges from blues to ballads, Rock to late 50’s and early 60’s rock/pop and he could easily share space with the likes of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Lana del Rey, and J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers with “Last Kiss.”

“Friend In Need” is sad but touching. I listened to it three times. It tells me about how pain can bring out the beauty of love and how we can support each other with out a condition of getting something in return, even though it takes so much away from the person giving the support. Outstanding……Beautiful……

He’s songs are real life, real truth, real happenings. They tell the hidden feelings of how we sometimes feel while looking for real love and how we would do just about anything to make it happen.

This powerhouse trio will take you through a roller coaster of emotions both good and bad and tug at the heart strings more than once. The lyrics are funny, heart breaking, tear jerking, outlandish, and most assuredly……true.

Nate speaks about the broken side of man and his darker twist on some of the lyrics inspire you to listen further because it touches something innate in all of us. Vulnerability.

Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In a recent interview Nate was quoted as saying: “My upcoming EP “Good Boy” moves from swagger to violence, from heartbreak to hatred, and from love to defeat, and is anchored in what I hope is a healthy dose of humor.”


This album is a motivation in a sense. It tells us to take life with a grain of salt and buck up by accepting your choices and taking the good with the bad, but with a twist. The twist? Great music and talented musicians opening your soul with a bluesy groove and a splash of old rock.


“I sing sad songs that sometimes sound happy,” “I try to capture some of the intimacy that Roy Orbison had in abundance,” and “I draw on the energy of Howlin’ Wolf, and I’m
constantly chasing the lyrical standard that people like Leonard Cohen
or Nick Cave set.” ~ Nate Paladino~

Love….love….love this album. I know you will too.

Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Nate Paladino courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

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