Don’t Miss “Whatever” by Ivan Beecroft Set For November 9th Release

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

What could be described as Dark Modern rock or Grunge to some is actually quite good music. Beecrofts voice is unique and yet familiar. Let’s learn more shall we?

Beecroft has used his music as a colorful and yet dark palette to describe certain emotions related to events in his life. He has taken the texture of his life’s journey and woven it into a musical masterpiece of creative brilliance.

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Beecroft has a unique and eclectic style all his own. It’s primitive and raw but fluid and not overly complex. It’s in your face gutsy rock n roll. This album combines progressive rock with a powerful tasteful piano, driving guitars and solid as a rock percussion.

“Sleepwalker” is the first cut on this new album and it holds a strong and commanding presence that is fitting to be first on the list. The opening rifts are reminiscent of AC/DC, the lyrics demand attention as they express the distaste and unacceptable nonsense from government leaders that the public has begun to shun. It speaks of how we sleepwalk through life and what we miss in the numbness.

“Whatever” is an expression of the roller coaster of emotions and feelings that Beecroft experienced during his time as a steelworker facing shortages of work and dangerous working conditions. The tone and instrumentation of the songs delivers a raw and rich impression.

Some might say that you’ll find a snippet of Grunge in Ivan’s work. This could be from the deep impact his music has on his daily life and that some of the messages are from real life experiences. That alone can bring out a little dark emotions in us from time to time. Over all it’s beautiful, in that it is a true expression of the passion felt in the lyrics and the music.

His song “You Can’t Take My Soul” is said to be inspired by the character Andy Dufresne from the movie Shawshank Redemption. Punk/Retro rock that tells the truth about what we ignore every day, the homeless, the conditions our world is in, the loss of compassion and how war is taking us for a ride to hell. Beecroft has set the alarm and opened a door to wake us up. The lyrics and the music combined express the dirty truth of what we really live in each day yet also expresses compassion. Life is moving way to fast, we are trapped in a materialistic world that is toxic. Where does truth, love and compassion come in to play?

Set to be released in November 2017 this album is sure to capture the attention of a large fan base who enjoy the synth pop feel and vibe of 80’s grunge. The music is not all about sadness or darkness it has a lot of honesty and happiness blended with the exceptional creativity of the lyrics and music. His versatile movement as a musician and artist has allowed him to play on vast array of texture and paint a vivid portrait of how music can inspire us and move us to be more.

Ivans vocals actuate the atmosphere of each song and can throw a curve ball as it morphs from edgy and engaging to smooth and evocative.

“Lost Child” was a good one for me. I felt a little Ozzy in the canvas of this song. All together there was a great mix of the pallet Ivan Beecroft used in the album. I heard a hint of Pink Floyd with a splash of Jim Morrison and somewhere in between a taste of a Zeppelin guitar rift.

Inspired by legends such as Neil Diamond, The Beatles, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Soundgarden, it is no wonder the artistry in this album is rich with talent.

Hands down Beecroft gives you every thing you could want. Solid and moving lyrics, driving instrumental vibrations and a rock vibe that fits the retro 80’s and 90 grunge married to a solid pop rock extravaganza.

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