Kris Heaton Band Releases New Album “World Gone Mad” and It’s Addictive

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Hailing from the beautiful state of Connecticut, Kris Heaton is a magical blend of Bowie, Springsteen, and even possibly Greg Allman if you listen closely. He grew up around rock music, toured eight years with a band called Control Group, and eventually took his unparalleled talent to the big stage. Apart from the time raising his children he lives, breathes, and sleeps his music.

His outstanding career has graced him with many highly impressive accolades. With the group Control Group he appeared on the show Star Search and won the Miller High Life Rock To Riches Award, For his song “Who Let The Bullets Fly” he won the Akademia Music Aware for Best Rock Song n 2017, He has ranked four songs with the National FMQB Charts, his song “Stand Up” ranked #21 in the nation with “The Rain Song” also making it to number 10, and his YouTube videos have impressed many with numbers in the millions of views. One in particular is “Who Let The Bullets Fly” with over 171,732 views as of this writing.

The first cut on this album is “Who Let the Bullets Fly” and it’s definitely one to remember. Please enjoy that song here:

Critics have, in the past, described him as a reflection of Springsteen, Molly Hatchet with a twist, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Leon Russell, and the artists who made “What I Like About You” a world wide hit, The Romantics. Along with performing to audiences in the thousands Heaton has spent many hours in the recording studio. He has recorded three CD’s as The Kris Heaton Band, he has performed with the Brandenburg German State Symphony Orchestra showing fans that rock music is just a taste of his many talents and today he continues to do so with his many performances around the country.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“When We Danced” is track three and I really enjoyed the soft rock love story expressed with the lyrics. The vocals are great, the harmonies are tight and it flowed perfectly. Instrumentally it was moving.

His uniqueness and creativity sets him apart from the repetitive sounds and wanna Be’s that sometimes fill our airwaves. His signature sound and style is exactly who he is and you’ll know it every time you hear it. The melodies are memorable and stick with you. It’s kinda like stepping back in time when music was real, not filled with commercialized junk. Kris Heaton is the real deal. To me….old school, true grit, real rock.

“When the Sun Goes Down” is another great soft rock song that I love on this album. There is not a bad note on this album at all. Each song is produced and performed exceptionally. It’s a love song. It’s perfect.

With solid collaborations with such legendary performers as Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Brandenburg German State Symphony this collection, released on June 1, 2017 is sure to be an all time favorite.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

If we wanted to place him in a particular genre then I would say an eclectic mix of blues, rock and pop would cover the category. Truly Heaton is a gifted artist and his talent is much deeper than any genre could match. His distinctive sound, signature guitar sounds, the rich warm canvas he uses to weave out the lyrics of each and his originality set him apart of the rest.

For more information on Kris Heaton and his band and how you can purchase his music, watch more of his video’s or see a show in person, be sure to check out the links below.


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