Gregory Zeis and Jess Chizuk are “The Rightly So” With New Self Titled Americana Folk Debut Album

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Gregory Zeis and Jess Chizuk, The Rightly So, are a super talented acoustic duo who recently released a soulful debut album of the same name. Described as a delightful voyage through early 19th century nostalgia, this album is truly a gem.

Reminiscent of artists like The Lumineers and Brandi Carlile this duo has the most incredible synchronicity that it goes above the ordinary to super sonic out of the norm.

This CD is a an 8 track, no pun intended, collection of vibrant and delicious Americana Folk gold. It was released on July 28th 2017 to rave reviews and continues to draw in fans by the dozen. Greg Zeis who shares amazing vocals and guitar expressions has in the past worked with highly regarded upstate New York Bands including Zeis & the Muckrackers, who won the Best New Band Award in 2014 for the All WNY Music Awards and Jess Chizuk, who also shares an incredibly talented vocal ability with us has a long list of accolades. In 2014 Jess received the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Songwriting Competition award, Chizuk was winner of the Smokey Mountain Songwriting Festival Songwriting Contest in the Folk category and a semi-finalist in 2015 for the Songwriters Serenade Contest in Moravia TX.

“Blackberry Brandy” is bright, sweet, and ever pleasing to the ears. The vocals are crisp and harmonies are a perfect expression of a great duo. “Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and drink it down” is a perfect description of the invitation to the drink in the ups and downs of life and how sweet it can be even if there is a little bitter in the mix.

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“Brush Fire” begins slowly with a great guitar rift. Then the vocals come in with inviting bravado. I love the way her voice hypnotizes you and holds your attention. The slight echo was perfect.

“Wine and Shine” is a perfect selection of what pure American folk is meant to be. Harmonies on this collection are unmatched and refreshing twist to the mundane we hear so often. It speaks of trust in love and letting go with your heart Haunting and engaging, it is rich and full. It speaks of taking that chance and grabbing the love you seek with a little fire and polish.

“Don’t Step Out Of The Light” begins with an up tempo guitar rift and toe tapping melody. The canvas that the duo use to paint the pictures with is attractive and appealing filled with confidence. They can truly float a melody with inspiring and heart-warming balance. I think it heals your aches, gives you a dose of supernatural medicine for your soul and will make you sway and relax with a refreshing classic feel that embraces your senses. This one I do believe was my favorite.

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Jess and Greg have both been performing since they were in their teens and even though they are both still in their twenties have a combined almost twenty years of experience performing. Jess has a unique style of expression in her song writing and coupled with her creative and powerful guitar talent, her interpretations of the music and the lyrics is timeless. Greg has the experience of being out front and guiding several prominent bands to immense success. His masterful stage presence, rich vocals, and instrumental talents keep the crowds coming.

This self titled debut album is currently available and I know your gonna love it. For more information visit the following.


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