Folk Duo The Rightly So Releases “Vandura” to Rave Reviews

This duo tours heavily, the road is their home. Their music is inspiring with echos of real-life stories of inspiration that will invite you into their world and see it from their eyes.

“We’ve spent the last year and a half living out of our homemade RV built inside an old Verizon work truck, traveling over 40,000 miles and playing shows in over 20 states. “Vandura” is the culmination of 18 months of adventures, a collection of stories we’ve watched unfold and all of the places we’ve been. Living on the road has given us an entirely new perspective that has permeated this album to its core. It’s a layered look into the many facets of what it’s like to travel the back roads of America in an old van for a living, and our love for this new lifestyle that we’ve embraced is a constant theme.” ~The Rightly So~

“Black and Blue” is fresh and clean, bright and lively. It begins with welcoming vocals and light strumming guitar. The harmonies enter and it brings it all together so nicely. The mix is superb. Jess Chizuk and Greg Zeis are a match made perfect. Their vocals are so tight that the harmonies seem to be almost one vocal.

This duo was born in the heart of the beautiful Buffalo rust belt. The Rightly So duo has an out of sight Americana energy that keeps your feet moving and your head bobbing. Jess Chizuk is an award-winning singer/songwriter and Gregory Zeis is a highly regarded guitarist and performer.

I enjoyed the soft rock intro on “You Can Bet On Me“ and the vibrate vocals of Jess Chizuk. She’s got a beautiful soprano tone to her vocals. I also think the light vibrato in her vocals is perfect.

Together Jess and Greg have a combined 20 years of experience in the music industry and both are still in their twenties themselves. They have performed at 100’s of shows every year for the last 4 years and toured nationwide. Their live perfomances are entrancing and with each show they garner more fans who love and follow their music.

Their self-titled debut album was released to massive acclaim in July of 2017 and they are just getting started with what fans hope will be a long and fruitful entertainment career.

Achievements for this artists include: 100+ shows a year for the last 5 years, 1.5 years of full time national touring, opening shows for Howie Day, Dylan Jakobsen, Davina and the Vagabonds, Sean Patrick McGraw, Phoebe Hunt & The Gatherers, Cory Branan, and the Vandoliers, along with features in The Huffington Post, No Depression Magazine, and NPR affiliates in Amarillo (TX) and Grand Junction (CO), and Knoxville’s WDVX Blue Plate Special.

Press Quotes: Courtesy of IMP

“The Rightly So have it going on! “Blackberry Brandy” and “Crash This Car” are worth the price of admission. And really, there isn’t a mediocre song on the album, which is full of good melodies and superb vocal harmonies.” -The Huffington Post

“There’s music and then there’s music; sounds that make your day better, soundtracks that turn to life-changing records and the artists that make those soundtracks, are the epitome of vulnerable beauty. The Rightly So, are the definitive of that greatness; and their latest self-titled release proves it instantly.” -No Depression

“Whether it’s the absolutely remarkable vocal capabilities of Jess Chizuk and Greg Zeis of New York duo, The Rightly So, that reel you in or their award-winning songwriting excellence, there is a harmony between the two that is electric and deeply in tune.”

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