Divinity Roxx with “ImPossible”

Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Former bass player for the amazing Beyonce and in her own right an amazing entertainer Divinity Roxx is hot and rising with her new album “ImPossible.”

Vocals on this album are outstanding and instrumentally Divinity blows other artists in her genre out of the water. She is extremely talented and shows exceptional control of her vocals.

The lyrics of each song are clear and precise and present a collage of colorful images that will pull you in to the song with a vibrate image of what the song is all about.

As a performer she has years of professional experience under her belt. She has performed for a long list of great names. Divinity has graced the stages with Beyonce, as her bassist and musical director from 2006 to 2011, she has performed for Oprah, Ellen, President Obama and the MTV Music Awards. She has also appeared on The Today Show, The Grammy’s, BET Music Awards, Good Morning America and VH1 Music Awards.

Her accolades continue as she has won numerous awards as well as gracing the cover of Bass Magazine and Bass Musicians Magazine. She toured Asia and the US with 2NE1, played bass for B.o.B, well known rap artist, and graced the cover Bass Musicians Magazine in 2013 and 2016 as well as the cover of Bass Magazine UK in 2015.

Currently releasing her latest solo “We Are” on the collection “ImPossible”, the song is produced by Keith Harris of The Black Eyed Peas and Keith also graced the song with his drumming talents on this recording.

“We Are” opens with a moderate beat of deep bass and electricity of hip-hop rock. Her vocals are smooth, with a velvety texture and the clarity of her lyrics brings it home complete.

Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The lyrics of the solo endeavor were inspired by someone who made quite an impression on Divinity. June Jordan, from UC Berkeley wrote, “We Are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” From Poetry for the People that she was rarely credited with.

“…And Who Will Join This Standing Up
And The Ones Who Stood Without Sweet Company
Will Sing and Sing
Back into the Mountains
And if necessary
Even Under the sea
we are the ones we’ve been waiting for…”
-June Jordan
Poem for South African Women, 1978

Here is the link for your opportunity to enjoy the video of “We Are”….

In 2012 she received huge acclaim when she displayed the extreme level of hip-hop and rock in a funky mix featuring appearances by Bootsy Collins and Killa Mike, both Grammy award winning musicians and artists in their own right.

“Miracle” is a lovely blues style with an opening call from her mom. Gave me chills. Such a wonderful way to express love and support of the miracle of life. Smooth rap and electric groove.

Divinity’s sound would be considered alternative soul/pop. This CD; “ImPossible” was released on April 19th, 2016 and has received outstanding reviews.

Specifics on the band and the album production are:

Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Divinity Roxx: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Production, Lamar A. Moore: Drums, Julian Litwack: Guitar, Babl Lemmens: Rhodes, Piano, the album was produced by: Divinity Roxx and engineered by: Chris Pinset, and Divinity Roxx, it was mixed by: Eric Racy (Tyga, Nikki Minaj, Pharrell, Katy Perry, Drake, Janelle Monae, Lil Wayne).

After studying journalism at UC Berkeley she found and fell in love with the bass guitar. After attending a bass camp led by legendary artist Victor Wooten she was invited to tour with him after just a few short months. With mere change in her pocket but a soul filled with passion and a fire for music she auditioned for Beyonce and began her touring career. For over five years she toured and made numerous appearances on national television and in person.

Her career has been phenomenal but her solo career outshines it all. Her versatility with instruments and vocals as well as fronting her own band has shown just how powerful she is as an entertainer as a professional in the industry.

Bold, honest, beautiful and inspired by those who believe in her she has no limitations on how far her star will reach.

Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Divinity Roxx courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

We Are is more than a song, it’ s the message I want to give to the world. We are the only ones who can positively effect the change we want to see in this world”. -Divinity

For more information on Divinity and where you can enjoy her music please see the links below:

Twitter: @diviroxx IG: @diviroxx

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