Chloe Bakers Self Titled “Bitters Kiss”

Chloe Baker
Cover 'Bitters Kiss" courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Cover ‘Bitters Kiss” courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The artistic talent this young lady holds in her voice is exquisite. She has such a unique sound that when you hear her voice the first time you will remember her name each time you hear her.

Sixteen and amazingly talented with such a powerhouse of a voice. Her control and manipulation of her vocal talents represents experience far beyond her age.

Chloe Baker, young, beautiful and very talented. Her uniqueness will set her apart for sure. With a hint of Nellie McKay and a dash of Sarah McLaughlin, Chloe surely exudes a rare breed.

Her self titled EP “Bitters Kiss” with the #1track being “Bitters Kiss” is a classic even though it was just born. It deals with many of life’s struggles like, peer pressure in today’s world, life, love, religion, and suicide. It gives us a chance to reflect and look within to who and what we really are and can be.

Wise well beyond her years she has exploded on the music scene and is making big impressions. Music is a family staple. Her father is a season musician with a home recording studio, a collection of exquisite guitars and he’s also her number one fan. You’ll find Chloe and her dad make up a super talented duo.

Video shot courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Video shot courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“The Rope” speaks of unspeakable things such as teen suicide and how loosing our true self can lead us down the wrong road. Excellent.

Her songwriting is an electronic journal, a diary as she lives and learns through her life. Even though some of the songs may be filled with discord or sadness Chloe herself is a young woman filled with hope and she loves to express it in her songs.

“Love Won’t Make You Cry” expresses so many reasons why love should not make us cry on the way to learning what it really is. Nicely done.

Such beauty and raw talent left to express in her music and in herself, Chloe is sure to make a giant leap and a big statement very fast.

Video shot courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Video shot courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

One last song I’d like to mention is “Too Far Too Fast” it talks about moving forward in life and how we should take it a little slower and not rush to fast. We have a lot to live for.

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