Nashville Recording Artist Rett Smith of “Saents” Set to Release New Single Called “ Still Right Here”

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Nashville recording blues/rock artist, Rett Smith will soon be introducing some new music coming out for the fans and believe me your gonna love it. If your a fan of rock music you’ll enjoy this new album called “Still, Right Here”….

The Saents are excitingly unique and their sound is, and I think soon to become, a signature sound. The driving guitar and the distinctive sound of Rett Smiths voice, are just two of the things that set them apart and draw in your attention. Artists who have that certain quality with vocals have always stood out in the music industry.

In 2017 his music garnered a huge welcoming when Billboard Magazine shared their story. This alternative blues-rock duo have built up a strong and steady fan base while blasting out of the musical gate and show no signs of slowing down.

Bryan Rolli of Billboard wrote:

SAENTS is a logical extension of Smith’s solo work, as the frontman indulges his love for high-octane guitar riffs and, in the spirit of the most iconic Texas songwriters, mines his own hardships for lyrical inspiration. ~ Bryan Rolli, Billboard~

Smiths exotic vocals and the steady drumming of session drummer Daniel Sousa make for a heavy hitting, hard rocking, one of a kind duo. I like the hints of pop and blues incorporated into the guitar rifts and that the music is solid and steady throughout. They have a connection deeper than just going through the motions. Each one knows where the other will be going with a note, a lick, a cord, and the lyrics. This is not something that is just learned, it’s a rare gift. It’s what makes for a winning sound and a type of music and performance that sticks with the fans.

Rett and his band mates are not afraid to push up the volume and the depth of what they want to accomplish with their music. There are “no boundaries” and that’s what makes them a powerful force in the industry. An artist who is not afraid to express themselves and their music, even to the extent of maybe locking themselves in to a certain genre or style are the one’s who come out on top. Why? Because it breaks that mold and they have more freedom of musical expression.

While Saents may not be everyone’s cup of tea they are surely to impress a huge amount of rock music lovers. They have their own niche and their own style that’s what I call “evergreen”…it means they are timeless.

This album expresses feelings of overcoming some of life’s major struggles with things like recovery and acceptance. It’s the bare truth and I think many will relate. Smith took his creativity and personal challenges to another level in this collection. A level that is surely to resonant with many listeners. 

The name of the album is “Still, Right Here” by the artist, SAENTS with Rett Smith, lead singer.

The album was produced by Joe Nicolo of famed work with legends such as James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Aerosmith. It is set to be released in September of this year (2018).

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