Here’s A Hot New Single From Folk Artist Mark Peters Called “24 Years” from His EP “Spirits”

Coming to you via London and Vienna it’s Mark Peters with his newest single “24 Years” from His EP “Spirits.” This single took around 15 years to develop, but it is a phenomenal song within a haunting collection. The single “24 Years” is moving and emotional.

Mark Peters is an independent pop/folk singer/songwriter making his home in the beautiful Vienna and one of my favorite places, London. This EP was produced Dan Fisher on the Audio Heart Records label.

Peters is a virtuoso on the guitar and the melody and sound that he produces is as near to perfect as anyone can get. He is a rare breed of musician, one that I always describe as a naturally gifted artist. It is not just something learned or practiced it is a God given gift. The expressions flow from him as naturally as he breathes.

Mark pulls in parts of the essence of artists like Ben Harper and Radiohead as well as engaging hints of jazz and blues in to the impression of the album. There are hints of Nick Drake in his style but when it comes down to the true pallet of his experience…the presentation of lyricism, instrumentation and performance, is all his.

By time he was 13 Peters was a solid hitting bass in various cover bands and in his late teens began his journey of song writing. He soon after joined a The Seven Breaths group as a guitartist and composer while launching a journey of ten years performing across London until he then launched his solo career.

I have included a link here for your listening pleasure.


The depth of his music exudes an ample, suave and gritty feel that holds you to each note. It is a timeless piece and I really like those. They are difficult to pin point when they were recorded, what decade or era and they hold a quality that will never wither.

“24 Years” is an acoustic song with a nice soft rock feel, inviting vocals and a solid but easy going percussion delivery. Even though it pulls in with more of a second place compared to a few other songs on the EP “Spirits”, it’s a great song and I like the feel, the texture, the video presentation and the mix.

As with any collection of music you’ll have good songs, not so good songs, weaker one’s and strong ones. This EP presents to me mostly strong one’s. Mark Peters allows himself to show his raw emotions on “Move Me” and the title track “Spirits” is a powerful combination of instrumentation that pulls everything together. One of the things that really impressed me about Mark is his gift with the guitar. He plays as if his fingers are one with the strings. Flawless flow and even at times the feeling that every string will break with the electricity flowing from his fingertips.

Musicians performing on this album are Mark Peters – Guitar and Vocals, Fabian Natter – Drums, Markus Manahl – Bass, and Martin Burtsch – Guitar. The album sits nicely in the category or genre’s of Pop, Folk, and Indie styles. His sound and music has been likened to Fionn Regan, Nick Drake, Coldplay, and Ben Harper. This album, for me gets a high five on the super star rating.

For more information on Mark Peters and how you can check out his music please see the links below. Note: All media and photo’s are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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