Lizzy Latimer Scoring Points As A New Female Pop Sensation; Check Out Her Debut Release “Can’t Cage Me“

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist pop artist, Lizzy Latimer, presents us with her new single “Can’t Cage Me.”..An accomplished violinist by the age of three, she is a talented and very creative musician who carries a classical background with some go.. get it… contemporary spunk.

In her teens Lizzy began looking toward the future of a music career. She began writing and honing those vocal skills and stage presence skills that she would need to impress. By the time she reached her 20th birthday she had earned a BA in Commercial Music & Production and had acquired experience as an audio engineer and music producer. These have been valuable skills that she still applies to her music today.

The song jumps out at you from the very beginning. Lizzy has a unique sound to her vocals that set her apart from most main stream up and coming pop artists. Her style and presentation is definitely a strong visual que and she delivers with top performance. Accompanied by Kyah Baby, New York rap artist, this single is a sure fire winner.

I wrote this song about scenarios I have seen many times. In the cases I’ve seen, the woman’s ambition and drive is what their boyfriend/husband was drawn to, but after some time, they keep pressuring them to basically just be a house wife.” – Lizzy Latimer.

The effect and momentum of her styling and vitality should certainly cause music critics to stand up and pay attention. This girl does have hidden talents. “Can’t Cage Me” is all about the Doctor Jekyll Mr. Hyde persona of a man gone bad. He’s that narcissist type personality that wants to keep her down and keep her from spreading her wings to fly…so to speak.

Latimer has performed previously with various rock bands, and symphony orchestras around the world. Her true loves holds a solid foundation in R&B and Hip Hop. Her music has authenticity and a bold essence. It is her uniqueness that will push her up in the charts.

With the panache of R&B and the evocative vibe of hip hop the two genre’s are filled with a spicy flavoring of charm and sex appeal.

Musicians performing on this single are Lizzy Latimer a singer, songwriter, producer and Kyah Baby, featured rapper. This artist presents in the styles of Pop, Top 40, Rap, and Hip Hop and would be considered in the styling’s of RIYL: Dua Lipa, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, and Pink.

Major influences in Lizzy’s music are Kwaito, Dancehall, Afropop. This breakout pop star is the center of all kinds of predictions in the radio air wave world. DJ’s across the world are predicting that 2018 will be her year and that she’s one to watch.

The classy and sassy marriage between the spoken lyrics and the articulated vocalized singing make for a perfect oral expression of a hip hop/R&B song that will having you singing and rapping along immediately.

It’s right for the musical musing’s of today’s rhythmical interests and is one of the most popular styles on the charts as well. This single will do well and I look forward to a full album from this artist very soon.


Sometimes it’s the element that most attracts a partner to you, that in the end, the partner can’t handle.”

You can’t clip the wings of your partner in order to make them stay, rather, you can improve yourself so they’ll never want to leave.

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