Agency Releases Phenomenal R&B Tune “Resist”

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With such a powerful opening this album is sure to bring much controversy. If you work in the industry, you know that making it in the music industry is tough, and when you are a politically charged group with such a powerful and controversial message it can be even tougher. With hot topics of politics invading everything from Football Sunday to race, nuclear annihilation and the flag we seem to over look the fact that it’s part of who we are and organized civility.

Presenting Agency, a relatively new group who’s courage to face opposition and who’s talent exceeds massive expectations. This 12 song collection is not only inspirational but shares that musical message of hope, dreams, and high expectations for a better future.

Agency is a R&B, indie rock group with various styles of alternative hip hop and electronic, and a splash of acoustic impressions that all blend to create their one and only unique style that is just theirs. Likened to artists such as Sampha, James Blake, Frank Ocean and Drake, they skillfully move through some of the most profound lyrics and instrumentation I’ve ever heard. They are all about the music and the message.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

In 2016 the group won two Indaba Music contests. They won “Feature Artist” for their cover a The Beatles classic “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and an award for their single “Millions.”

In their time spent between recording their critically acclaimed debut album “IDENTITY” the group decided it was time to speak out again on the chaos and concerns that still to this day center around our Presidency and the US political community. During the 60’s and 70’s there were many songs written about the strife through out the country but not as much as today. Much has been said about the scarcity of protests songs today but in this collection from Agency that scarcity is eliminated.

Agency’s music pulls from various influences such as funk, blues, and hip-hop and makes a great effort to expose the hope’s, fears, concerns and the lack of fairness and equality in this generation.

“Till & Marrow” pulls upon issues of past racial incidences, “Senses of Insecurity” is from a poem by acclaimed author Maya Angelou set to vibrant melody and instrumentation. The group also have brought back to the forefront two songs about issues deeply rooted in our past “Black Boys On Mopeds” by Sinead O’Conner a huge song from iconic artist Jimi Hendrix “Machine Gun.”

All these songs represent something we are struggling with currently in our own country and around the world. But maybe it’s what we need to help wake up the masses that we must move forward to peace and brotherhood then to move backwards in the past. Each song is sharp and somewhat penetrating but yet eloquently delivered with awakening R&B for the future of a new dawn in history.

This albums message in based on a story telling platform with a tapestry of real life human struggles and seeks to awaken us to the ongoing fears and sorrows of what may come. It might sound depressing but it is in no such way the case. Lyrically the vocals bring you in and captivate your senses, instrumentally the songs are tempting and stay with you. Most all music whether it be rock, pop, country or hip-hop tells a story. Agency has brought grit and substance to the real world.

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