Modern Pop Artist Blue and Broke with “Night Shadows”

Modern pop artist, likened to Patti Smith and inspired by artists Roberta Flack and Vivian Mayer present to their fans a new album called “Night Shadows.”

This album is quite diverse and yet rich with creative instrumentation, monologue and soulful lyrics. Based in Belgium the groups diversity places them in a collage of various genre’s and including rock, pop, and soul. I would also include alternative.

Was It Worth It” is powerful in that it holds a special message for those who may have either lost a child or had to give one up to adoption. The lyrics speak of five such children and the wondering of whether they look like their mom or dad. It is truly a song that pulls at the heart strings and emotions.

Night Shadows” is beautiful art and with the tiniest of efforts, natural talent is flowing you see, it rises up to a true work of art.

Bold and beautiful with their presentation and articulation of the song, Blue and Broke have left no stone uncovered in the mysterious and yet mesmerizing appeal in their artistry. The piano riffs are deep and melodic, while the guitars are acoustically warm and inviting

As I listen I hear a shade of Americana as the chord progression meets with a rolling drum. If you take a long listen to “No Reason to Panic” you’ll be drawn in the wind instruments and the balance with the vocals from Anthuenis.

The group obviously had so much fun creating the exquisite work of musical art and so they should. It takes this work of art to the next level and brings up the question…when will we hear more?

Songs like ‘Dear Vivian” express thoughts about photographer Vivian Maier. Art comes in many forms not just from a painting or a photo. Music is one of the most profound and deeply touching forms of art in our world and probably one of the most expressive.

Blue and Broke have done a fantastic job of expressing both. We can see that in the various textures of the songs such as funk inspired “Bear It All” and a country folk expression in “As I Can.”

Press Quotes:
Blue and Broke provides an emotional song like Was it Worth with the right tone by its beautiful arrangement. (Gezien en Gehoord)

Three years after ‘Edward’, the Belgian formation ‘Blue And Broke’ has finished a more than worthy successor with ‘Night Shadows’.(

From the Artist:
We just wanted to write and records real songs, played by real people on real instruments. The song always takes the lead, making this album both so diverse and rich.
The songs are inspired by the work of a.o. Edward Hopper, Vivian Mayer and Roberta Flack

Blue and Broke is comprised of artists Melissa Anthuenis on vocals, Pedro De Bruyckere on guitar, Danny Verstraete on Hammond organ and piano, Augustijn Vermandere on bass and Niels Delvaux on drums.

The artist would also like to mention other talented musicians who performed on this amazing work of art. Henk Hofstede appears with guest vocals, Marc De Maeseneer on sax, Yves Fernandez on trumpet, Frederik Heirman on Trombone and the Amstel Gospel Choir featured on “Most of The Time.”

This album was produced by Pedro De Bruyckere and the collection presents in the genre’s of Pop, Blues, Soul, and Progressive pop. For more information on the group and where you can get their music you can visit the websites below.

Twitter: Twitter/blueandbroke
Youtube Channel:
Artist Contact Email:

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